【COMMUNITY】89 Dogs and 39 Cats Are Running Out Of Food!- Sabah Animal Lovers Independent Rescuer (ALIR) Invokes Urgent Donations From Malaysians For The Stray Animals' Survival! - The Coverage

【COMMUNITY】89 Dogs and 39 Cats Are Running Out Of Food!- Sabah Animal Lovers Independent Rescuer (ALIR) Invokes Urgent Donations From Malaysians For The Stray Animals’ Survival!

Animals are known to be our best life companion. 

On 27th of February, the non-governmental animal shelter centre in Sabah – Animal Lovers Independent Rescuer (ALIR) has made a recourse statement on their official Facebook page. They have stated clearly the condition of the shelter centre and invoked for public’s help for the stray animals’ survival. The post had successfully gained the publics’ attention as the post have been shared for more than 1,500 times in a week’s time.

According to ALIR’s Facebook post, there are 89 dogs and 39 cats and kitten were sheltered in the centre and fosterers home. As the number of abandoned dogs and cats increased gradually without any adoptions, the centre is now running out of dog food and supplies.

Some of the dogs are bearing with hungriness and trying to get their food from the other dogs. Most of the time, it can be more than 10 dogs sharing a bowl of dog food as the centre has not enough supplies to prepare food for the fur-friends.

Hence, ALIR Sabah would like to invoke for help from the kind citizen. You are welcome to donate based on your capability even is just as small as RM 10 will be greatly appreciated. Besides, ALIR has also listed down their wish list on the Facebook post which includes of:

1.  Rice (any brand)
2. Dog food (any brand)
3. Raw chicken or meat
4. Blankets & towels (used or new)
5. Bleach & laundry detergents
6. Trash Bag
7. Tissue Paper
8. Old News papers
9. S & M size of Baby diapers (For paralysed cats) 
10. Pet sheet (For paralysed cats)

To the kind animal lovers, you may make contributions according to the wish list. If you are busy to pay a visit to the shelter centre, you are welcome to contact Mr Aldrin at 013 888 5060 to collect the donations in any pet shop or any location from Kota Belud to Kota Kinabalu area.

However, The Coverage readers who are living far away from Sabah but still wish to lend a helping hand, you can consider donating according to the information below. Any amount of money will do and it is highly appreciated. 

Maybank Account Number : 5100 7763 7800
Email Address : [email protected]
Paypal Address : [email protected]
Hotlines : 013 888 5060/016 842 0421

In addition, if you are interested in getting more information about Animal Lovers Independent Rescuer Sabah, you can login into their blog spot for the updates of dogs and cats.


Source: Facebook – ALIR Sabah

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