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10 Facts About Syed Saddiq : Malaysia Youngest Youth and Sports Minister

Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman is a Malaysian politician and activist. He is the current Minister of Youth and Sports, the Member of Parliament of Muar and the Youth Chief of the Malaysian United Indigenous Party or Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) , a component of Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition. He is also the youngest ever federal minister since Malaysia’s independence.

1. Youngest Ever Minister In Malaysia History

I’m pretty sure most of you already know one of our youngest Member of the Parliament, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman. The 25-year-old MP is also the Youth Chief of the Malaysian United Indigenous Party (Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia).

Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman has become the youngest-ever minister in the country.

Syed, who will turn 26 on December 6, was sworn in as the 18th Youth and Sports Minister on Monday (July 2).

The youngest of four children, the Johor-born Syed’s appointment to a full minister role under the new Pakatan Harapan government is also historic in itself, as he is the youngest ever minister in the history of the country.

His predecessor Khairy Jamaluddin was the country’s youngest minister when he was appointed to the Cabinet aged 37 in 2013.

2. Well Established In The Debating Community

Syed is a law graduate from the International Islamic University and recently turned down a second offer from Oxford University to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Policy.

Tall and quick-witted, Syed was well-established in the debating community before he entered the political arena, having won Asia’s Best Speaker award at the Asian British Parliamentary (ABP) Debating Championship three times.

3. Turned Down A Second Offer From Oxford University

In 2017, he rejected a scholarship offer worth roughly RM400,000 to further his studies at Oxford University, England to remain active in politics instead.[4] A year later, after being elected as a Member of Parliament at the age of 25, Syed Saddiq yet again forwent another scholarship offer, this time turning down a Chevening Scholarship offer to pursue a Master’s in Public Policy at Oxford University.[5]

According to Syed Saddiq he had turned down a scholarship to study at Oxford University, England to stay in politics as he wanted to play an important role in the Dewan Rakyat to raise issues related to education and the future of youths in this country.

He said the people’s acceptance of young leaders clearly showed that they wanted change as well as issues related to young people such as the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN), the cost of living and no affordable homes be given emphasis in Parliament.

3. Contest And Won In GE 14 – MUAR

His rise in the Malaysian political landscape came about after he won the Muar parliamentary constituency in the country’s 14th General Election, beating Barisan Nasional’s incumbent candidate Datuk Seri Razali Ibrahim. Razali was also a former deputy youth and sports minister from 2009-2013.

His victory over the Muar parliamentary seat with a majority of 6,953 votes after defeating Datuk Seri Razali Ibrahim (BN-Umno) and PAS candidate Abdul Aziz Talib was a great achievement.

4. Syed Saddiq Gains Massive Following On Instagram – 1 Million Followers

Muar member of parliament Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman was surprised to see a dramatic increase in social media followers, especially on Instagram, during the recent 14th general election (GE14). Syed Saddiq said that with the growing number of followers especially on social media, he now has to ensure that information uploaded are positive and beneficial to his followers.

5.  The Qualities He’s Looking For In The Ideal Woman

A video of a recent interview with Syed Saddiq was uploaded on Facebook showing the young MP speaking of the qualities he’s looking for in the ideal woman! We understand many women in Malaysia are going bonkers at the announcement that he is still single!

He can be heard saying that he wants someone who can click with him, while not being too serious, a more carefree soul as he gets super serious at work, if he is in a relationship with a serious woman, it would bring about stress.

He also wants someone who he can confide in for problems and vice versa.

“Looks are not that important for me. It’s a benefit if they have good looks, but that doesn’t matter.

“The most important is humor, as long as she can accept my humor.”

Being an MP, it’s understandable that he will have very little time to spend with his significant other, so he hopes to find someone understanding of his situation and that would accept him as a busy man, responsible to do his part in the government to change the world.

6. Syed Saddiq Has Admitted To Having Been To A Disco, But Says He Is Not A “Kaki Clubbing”

“I am not a ‘kaki clubbing or kaki disko’ as alleged,” he said on the post, carrying the #IamNotPerfect hashtag.

Syed said he was not a perfect person or a perfect Muslim, but was working on improving himself in the future.

“Like any other person, I have made mistakes, but the past does not define who I am now,” he said, adding that the attacks against him will not deter him from continuing his struggle to make Malaysia a better place.

“I am not someone important. I am a 23-year-old guy who loves his country. Threatening me with my personal life shows how desperate people can get to cling on to power.

“If you think this issue will distract me and the people from the real issues, you are wrong. We, Malaysians, will prove you wrong.”

Syed said he had “come clean” about his past and questioned if Najib would do the same on 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

He also said he would not stop fighting for the truth, even if it risked his reputation.

“Agi idup agi ngelaban!,” he said in the post, referring to the Iban phrase which means to fight as long as one is alive.

7. Was A Racist And Radical Muslim 

If you met me five years ago, I’m like a totally different person. I could speak English but my English wasn’t good. I never got As for my English papers and English papers in Malaysia are not difficult. My knowledge was shit. I thought Africa was a country, Egypt was a continent. I still remember pronouncing recipe as “reh-sip.”

I’m not scared to say that I’m a mama’s boy. My mum is a teacher and I would attempt to help my mum teach tuition. At the same time, I would get tiger parenting from her. Do this, do this, do this now.

I am not proud of my past. I was a racist. I was an Islamic radical because I would actually say if you do not pray, you would go to hell and burn in hell. Like I’ll only mingle with Muslims. People always say oh no, this person is racist or a radical and cannot be changed. No, no, no, I was exactly that and I have changed. – Malay Mail

8. Super Handsome Macho Brother – Syed Abdullah Syed Abdul Rahman

Ever since Syed Saddiq became a Member of the Parliament, his name has often ticked on the lips of netizens especially women. His popularity has made him the center of the attention.

After photos of Syed Saddiq went viral on social media, it’s his older brother’s turn, Syed Abdullah also received the attention of netizens. The appearance of the two brothers is very different, as Syed Abdullah is more muscular and much taller than Syed Saddiq.

Through Syed Saddiq’s Instagram stories, Syed Abdullah thanked his younger brother for making his dream come true. His brother also acknowledges that Syed Saddiq successfully made himself one of the most important people in Malaysia.

9. His Family Background

His father was a Singapore citizen, a construction worker who commutes every day from Johor to the Republic to work. His mother is an English teacher at a secondary school who wakes up at 5am every morning to cook for the family and then gives tuition classes until late at night to earn extra money.

The youngest of their four children, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, is determined to ensure that the struggles of his youth and his parents are not in vain.

“I want to ensure that no other Malaysian has to go through that life,” the youth chief of Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) said. “When my parents succeed, despite coming from a very humble background, I owe a duty to further progress Malaysia forward because I know how it was like to be in that position before.”

His father took up Malaysian citizenship about a year ago.

IF YOU TOUCH MY FAMILY, I WILL DESTROY YOU – SYED SADDIQ WARNS NAJIB AFTER HIS AIDE THREATENED TO ‘EXPOSE SOMETHING’ ABOUT HIS PARENTS, BROTHERBersatu Youth (Armada) chief Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman says he has evidence of bribery but will only use it when he is threatened. – The Malaysian Insight pic by Hasnoor Hussain, October 3, 2017 – Syed Saddiq

10. Want To Be As Good As Khairy

Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM) Armada chief, Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman, said it was unfair to compare him to Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin as the latter cannot be “considered a youth”.

Despite the age disparity, Syed Saddiq, 25, said he admired the 41-year-old Youth and Sports Minister and aspires to be as good as him, if not better.

“Whether I am at par, under or over par, it is not a comparison I’m making. He is almost twice my age, I don’t consider him a youth. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t consider himself one either.

“Honestly, I like Khairy. I used to defend him when people said he was not qualified and an opportunist. He is definitely someone who I want to be as good as, if not better in the near future.

“There are some good qualities that I like about him… I don’t know what’s in his mind, what opportunity he thinks is there for him in Umno but if there is one leader that I would like to see leading Umno, it is Khairy,” he told Berita Daily.

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