10 Most Disheartening Statements UMNO Said to Malaysian Chinese

1. Chinese Are Cheaters – Ali Tinju [caption id="attachment_4400" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Ali Tinju in his typical provocative stance - image from Malaysian Chronicle Ali Tinju in his typical provocative stance – image from Malaysian Chronicle[/caption] Yes we know about the stereotype where the Chinese are all crooks, but does that mean that there are no conman from other races? I have personally been lied to by both all three races but when I complain it’s always directed towards the conman, not the entire race. Mona Fandey is a serial killer caught in 1993, but does that make all Malays serial killers and witches? No right? Oh you know those cheating Chinese businesses? They cheat the Chinese too. And before you Chinese complain about cheating Malay traders, they cheat the Malays too. It’s not the race, its the cheater you dumbwit!

2. Bath in the Blood of the Chinese who joined Bersih 4.0

If you say this is not politically motivated then you must have a screw loose in your head somewhere. I personally do not agree with rallies of any kind, but asking for clean and fair elections is a problem? The problem here is what is so threatening about fair elections? Unless the ones who are complaining are the ones who supports the losing side, and stands to lose the most when there are fair elections… Plus, murder is a crime. You want to go to jail because you are angry with some Chinese people ah? Not worth it. /Malaysian Insider
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3. Boycott Chinese Businesses – Ismail Sabari

[caption id="attachment_4402" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]sabri-chinesebiz Go ahead, I dare you. Stop using smartphones, aeroplanes, cars, or generally anything because confirm got Jewish or Chinese handiwork in it[/caption] This is bloody ridiculous to say the least, but let’s play along this time. Go ahead and stop using all consumer electronics, or practically any commercial product you see because they are all made in China, produced by Chinese companies who hired Chinese people. Quit all jobs that have ties to Chinese companies or Chinese people. Stop living in your house because your developer probably use Chinese-made products or materials. Impossible isn’t it? As much as it is impossible to boycott Chinese products, it is also impossible to boycott Jewish, Malay Indian, and any other race’s products because we are living in a globalised world. So whoever who said that is stupid and ignorant, and that’s a fact. /Malaysian Insider

4. Chinese Are Pendatang (Immigrants)

[caption id="attachment_4409" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]Some Chinese families trace their roots all the way to ancient Melaka, still not good enough to be local? Some Chinese families trace their roots all the way to ancient Melaka, still not good enough to be local?[/caption] If you say that to my grandfather, he’d probably agree with you. But the only way I ‘datang’ (came) is through my mother’s womb, here in Malaysia, and I am as Malaysian as you are! In terms of faith, god (any god) created these lands and we are technically all ‘pendatang’ anyway, and will ‘balik’ (return) to his side when we leave this world. Plus, what happened to the fact that Malaysia being a multiracial country, which we sell to tourists visiting our lovely country? /Source

5. Cina Balik (Return to) Tongshan (China)

[caption id="attachment_4411" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]The last time I checked, even Malaysian Chinese need visa to visit China. So wanna 'balik' also cannot The last time I checked, even Malaysian Chinese need visa to visit China. So wanna ‘balik’ also cannot[/caption] Trust me, with the economy like that most Chinese are probably thinking of that already. The only thing stopping them is probably their love of Malaysian food and culture, and their longing for a return to the days when Malays, Indian and Chinese live in peace together. Also, they want to go back also cannot, you know why? Because they are Malaysians, not bloody Chinese nationals you dumb-ass! The only place they can return to is probably Ipoh where their parents live! /Malaymail Online
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6. Lempang Cina (Slap the Chinese) – Tajuddin Abdul Rahman From my memory, Malays are the most courteous and humble people I have ever met in general. I still believe that. So it is really disheartening that their so-called leaders actually call up to slap the Chinese, because that makes the leader who said that barbaric and uncivilised. Fortunately there are no such incident, and proves that the rest of the Malays are still the same nice people I remember. /Malaysiakini

7. Cina Babi (Chinese pigs) – ‘Red Rally’ Protestor

[caption id="attachment_4412" align="aligncenter" width="1000"]The Chinese love their pork, especially Bak Kut Teh. Muslim friends fret not, Chit Kut Teh (Chicken variant) is close enough. The Chinese love their pork, especially Bak Kut Teh. Muslim friends fret not, Chit Kut Teh (Chicken variant, no pork!) is close enough.[/caption] We are all adults here, why resort to name calling? Also some of the Malay leaders are probably right (for once), it’s not that bad a statement when you are calling the Chinese names of the food they enjoy. If that’s the case please call me Cina Nasi Lemak Kari Ayam Extra Sambal. Don’t get offended when I call you Melayu Nasi Goreng Cina Tambah Telur okay? Now I’m hungry…

8. Chinese Migration to Malaysia A Conspiracy – ISMA

[caption id="attachment_4404" align="aligncenter" width="881"]"Chinese Secret Agents" pretending to be coolies to come and bully Malays “Chinese Secret Agents” they say. More like coolies if you ask me.[/caption] When the British brought the Chinese into Malaya, they are not conspiring with the Chinese to come in and bully the Malays. They are exploiting cheap Chinese labour to come into Malaysia so they can go mine tins in order to make canned sardines. What happened then is the Chinese love Nasi Lemak so much that they decided to stay, and eventually even helped fight invaders (Japanese) and subsequently assisted Malaya to gain independence, together with the Indians. I now believe that everyone in ISMA fail history, and should retake all their Sejarah (History) so they can get their facts right. /Malaymail Online

9. Chinese are Invaders  And Intruders – ISMA

[caption id="attachment_4419" align="aligncenter" width="750"]This is ChuaN - he can probably invade your base in Dota 2 without much effort, but I doubt he can invade a country This is ChuaN – he can probably invade your base in Dota 2 without much effort, but I doubt he can invade a country[/caption] Please lah. Most Chinese don’t even know how to wield a gun (and most Chinese women can’t even wield their kitchen knife properly, trust me), how to invade? Use their Chinese proverbs and profanities issit? In fact, you may not know it but there are like 20 different Chinese ethnics in Malaysia and they probably don’t like each other, so if there is a Chinese vs Malay war, confirm the Chinese lose. Invading shopping malls during Chinese New Year sales maybe lah (You know, Chinese are cheapskates, that’s true).
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10. Apa Lagi Cina Mau (What else do the Chinese Want?) – Najib Razak

apalagicinamau This is said in retaliation for the huge swing of Chinese votes to the opposition. Well this is what happens when people are generally unhappy with the government, and how can you blame them when everyday we see ‘Cina balik China’ headlines everywhere? I suggest the government review their Public Relations policies and punish bad-mouthing ministers, because if there is one reason why the Chinese don’t like you, it is because your ministers keep pissing them off.

11. Cina Bangsat There – this is another one. If Malay political party’s analyst keep scratching their head on why they are losing Chinese support, it is because their affiliate groups keep throwing profanities at the Chinese people and getting away with it! In fact during the 2013 elections I had thought either the ruling party is deliberately trying to lose Chinese support for some high-stakes social experiment! Either there is something wrong with your strategist, or maybe you. Want to fix it? First fix the mouth of all the ministers.

12. Chinese Are bullies – ISMA

stereotype-chinese Okay, go back up and reread everything, and tell me that the Chinese are bullying the Malays with a straight face. I’m not saying the Chinese are being bullied, I’m saying there are people out there trying to stir up the hornet’s nest and toss Malaysia into chaos for their own agenda. I still believe that the Malays love the Chinese as much as they love the Malays, and we are meant to be together as Malaysians. /Malay Mail Online From a Malaysian who wants to see Malaysia back to where it was, when we can sit down, enjoy a cuppa Teh Tarik, then tell racist jokes at each other – and laugh about it together. China To Implement “Chinese Card” For Malaysians Born ChineseClick Here

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