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10 Reasons Why Teachers Are Awesome And Deserve Appreciation!

Ever thought “man, teachers suck and know no fun”, or “what do they even do? They keep giving us homework. Maybe if we don’t have a life like them then maybe we can do our homeworks!”? Yeah, that happens. Worst is when they know about your love life and they tell you to not pursue it. Like why even? Your life is yours, not your teacher’s!

There’s always a reason why. And you should appreciate them for these things!

1: They secretly love you like their own child!

Of course a teacher’s love can’t amount to the love a mother or a father has, but always know and remember that you spend a lot of time in school if you’re not home-schooled. No matter how old or how young they are, and especially the young, hip teachers who say “treat me like a friend” still love you like a parent would in the back of their hearts. They just want the best for you and trying to balance that with a professional image so that you don’t take them for granted is difficult! Just tell them if there’s any life experience you want to know about, they’ll gladly tell you about it. Also remember that they don’t always want to get mad at you, sometimes you just press that button.

2: They care about your interests.

They want to know about what you love! Did you know that actually from how they use the worksheets and boring activities in class, they’re actually trying to get you guys to talk more to each other and get you guys to be more open? There’s a reason why they want you guys to talk, and it’s to get to know you guys! Once they know you guys they really wanna use that information in class to help them design classes that you will be more interested in, really. Trust me on this. If it’s not for classes, it’s because they care and can’t design a lesson around your interests. Either way, you both win if they get to know what your interests are.

3: They want you to feel accepted in class.

Okay, I’ll be honest. Not every teacher can pull this off.

This is one of the harder challenges they have to face in classes. Because they try to make it even but it feels like they aren’t being nice to everyone. Teachers look back to how they did in class and they wonder what they could’ve done to make it better. They think about what to do for you to make you feel better, and appreciated. Because they know that not everybody has an easy family life! They do extensive research, and they care. They hold onto these information that they know, so that they can make your classroom experience better and accepting. Regardless, there are times when they struggle because students sometimes have conflicts between each other, and that’s why they need you to help around, sometimes.

4: They keeps tabs on every students’ performance, sometimes even their moods.

Yes! They do their research! They either keep a diary or a chart to keep track of you!

Okay, it sounds really creepy but what they want to do is to be more wary of the things they say and how they treat you so that they don’t go where you don’t want them to go. They try and diversify their activities and topics so that somehow by chance they will hit something that you are highly enthusiastic about. Some students are very open about this, but some students aren’t and teachers have to somehow find out just how to get there. This is how they do it. They either drop a random topic somewhere and see for some reaction, or they use topics in your studies. There’s a guarantee that one time or another they make use of these things in order to see how you respond.

Not only that, even the smallest improvements they can see make them feel more proud than anything.

Yes, teachers are psychologists, in a way.

5: They will keep marking your papers to see if there are any extra marks they can give you.

Trust me when I say it’s hard for them to give you Fs.

Unless if they are really that critical, then you can’t do much la. (just let them know you appreciate them marking your paper!) But really, teachers often don’t exactly want to fail their students, or give them low marks on purpose or out of emotional reasons. They want all of you to feel encouraged and know about where you are headed. They want you to see your potential and never be or feel let down by your marks, because they know that in the end of the day somewhere your marks really do affect your self-esteem. This is precisely what matters to them. They will actually look through your coursework, and see if they can use anything from there to add to your final marks. Besides, a teacher’s reputation in school is also tied to their students’ performance, so just know that this policy is what keeps you on the safer side of your marks too! Teachers don’t want to be mean to you!

6: They try and motivate you with rewards!

This is why your interests matter to them!

They also want to know what they can use to motivate you in classes so that you’ll get something by the end of it. Not just your marks, but a gift as to mark their appreciation for your efforts and attempts at trying to be better. Especially for the teachers who are generous: they are willing to use their salaries just for you. Nothing else makes them more happy than to see their students smiling. Yes, it matters a whole lot to them, sometimes more than their own paycheck. They want you to smile. They want you motivated for education.

Don’t stop to think why they do the things they do!

(Don’t tell me the gif above doesn’t make you cry somehow!)

7: They think about you even after school ends.

You think it all ends in school? Nah.

They think about you on the way home, while cooking, and on the way to school. If they go back home together, teachers actually share with each other about what they know. It helps, because they need some background knowledge, and some way to vent about the frustration you sometimes put them through, so that they can think clearly about you. Sounds like an older crazy girlfriend when I put it like that but think about it: they care and what are the chances that they are clingy?

Slim to none.

Everytime a strike of inspiration hits, they jot it down, so that they can use it as a way to talk to you, as a way to deal with you. They google when they find difficult personalities, they google for ways to make classes interesting.

8: They want nothing but the best for you.

Cliche, but there is a truth in it.

When they yell at you, it’s because they want you to hear what they want to say. Because when they yell, it means they have tried so hard to tell you but there is no change, no response and whatsoever. Sorry, but it has to be done sometimes. When you’ve had to be patient with a person for a long time, it just so happens that you’ll have to deal with being yelled at. Know the difference between a teacher who is just impatient and a teacher who’s tried their best to be good with you! A really impatient teacher yells at you for every little thing, but when a teacher yells after so long, just know that it’s out of their tough-ish love.

That, and this is why they try their best to advice you as much as possible. It sounds naggy on some days, but trust me when they say they just want the best for you. Especially if they tell you not to date that one person you have a crush on, they know if they are a player.

9: They understand what it’s like to be a student.

For those who forget, teachers were once students too.

They know the struggles you had to go through, and although sometimes they forget that times change. They still know that you have to do multiple homeworks for different subjects. Sad but they had to endure it too, as much as they don’t want you to. This is why they want to get through their materials quickly, so that you don’t have leftover tasks. Truth is, if they could, they’d give free time too. Because all of us humans need some free time after class. There is no such thing as breaks between periods. The breaks between periods are used for walking from one class to another. So giving some buffer time for you to relax is a favour they want to give.

You deserve it, students.

10: From all that, they basically teach, parent and entertain everybody in class. ALL in one go. MULTIPLE times a day.

So appreciate their constant multitasking in class! It’s not easy!

Oh, and tell them you love them! If that’s too corny, thank them, either with a gift or words of encouragement.

Trust me, I get happy when I get little messages asking me to go back and teach.


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