SMK Raja Abdullah Student HANGS Himself Over SPM Additional Mathematics Paper

  • The 17-year-old, a student at SMK Raja Abdullah, was found hung with his necktie around his neck, in his room at an apartment in Taman Jinjang.
  • He told his teacher that he could not answer the questions
  • The boy is said to have acted in several local Chinese-language TV series
  • He also said he wanted to go home but the teacher advised him to stay.
  • He didn’t listen and went home anyway.
  • His necktie, wrapped around his neck, was tied to a window frame in his room.
  • CUlk3PWUcAAqa6v In life, we are bound to come across times where things get rough and hope seems lost. Times can get so depressing that suicide seems to be only answer to the seemingly never-ending questions from depression. Many have persevered and braved through these times of hardship in life- while some found themselves drowning and swallowed up whole by life’s harsh storm. Here at The Coverage Bureau, it brings us great sadness to report that a fellow Malaysian didn’t make through the storm. A 17-year-old student from SMK Raja Abdullah, was found lifeless in his room at an apartment here in Taman Jinjang. His auntie who shared the apartment with his family found him strung up by his necktie in his room. By the time his auntie found him, it was already too late. Teachers and friends described him as a “bright student” with amazing prospects for the future. The boy is also said to have played a number of acting roles in several local Chinese TV series. Deputy Police Chief of Sentul, Supt Mohd Sukri Kaman confirmed the incident. It was later learnt that the boy became upset at himself after being unable to answer questions in the Additional Mathematics Paper 1 yesterday, which was part of the ongoing Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM). “He told his teacher that he could not answer the questions. “He also said he wanted to go home but the teacher advised him to stay. He didn’t listen and went home anyway,” said Sukri. His teachers who grew concerned after the boy failed to show up at school later that afternoon for the second Additional Mathematics paper, made a phone call to the boy’s mother, asking for his whereabouts. The mother, who was working in a shopping mall in KL at the time, then called the boy’s aunt to check on him. It was then that the aunt found him with his necktie wrapped around his neck, tied to a window frame in his room. [irp posts="175" name="16 Year-Old Malaysian Girl Had Sex With 8 Different Classmates"] To anyone who thinks the reason for this boy’s suicide is silly, the staff of The Coverage Bureau, implore you to broaden your mind and put yourself in his shoes. He is probably pressured to do well in his studies by the standards set by society. Our youngsters are brainwashed into thinking that excellent exam grades are the only pathway to a better future. More so, the SPM examinations are of extreme importance to all high school students. After all, it is the very examination that determines whether or not they are qualified to pursue a higher education at tertiary levels. Maybe he had other problems that became a bad mix with his overwhelming pressure to perform well for his examinations. We will never know. That being said, this young boy’s decision that suicide was the only way out, is not right, nor is it wrong. It’s just sad and heartbreaking. [irp posts="835" name="Malaysia Primary School Boy BEATEN To A Pulp For Not Giving 'Pocket Money'"] To all youngsters out there, we promise you that whatever hardships you are going through, suicide is not the answer to the depressed question inkling at the back of your minds.
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    Suicide does not end the chances of life getting worse. Suicide eliminates the possibility of it ever getting better. Anyone with hardship in life or is having depressing thoughts, we urge you to seek help, someone to talk to- a friend or family member perhaps. Sharing your problems will make you feel better. You don’t have to face your problems alone. 23 Shocking Pictures of Apartments in Hong Kong that Will Shock Malaysian The 17 Types Of Party People You See In Malaysia Clubs 15 Types of Women Body Parts That Will Bring Wealth To Their Husbands

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