11 things Japanese Women Want Men to Know About Their Oppai (Breasts)

11 things women wish men know about their boobs

Source: giphy Most people first learned about sex through porn, and we all know very well that it is not the best medium to learn about our body. It creates a lot of misconception about sex, body ideal and confidence when approaching sex in real life. Therefore, My Navi Woman recently asked its female users about things guys misunderstood about women’s breasts. Here are the top 11 responses that I am sure even the best of us could even learn a thing or two from.

11. Small breasts make bras look cuter (14.4% of respondents)

cute bra Source: rakuten We are not sure why all small things are cuter but the case stays the same when it comes to boobs and bras. Women want you to know that maybe sexy lingerie is not very appealing when it’s worn on smaller breast women. So just remember and not fret about it.

10. I’m not happy when guys other than my boyfriend compliment my chest (14.4%)

do not compliment boobs For illustration purposes only. Source: pinterest/xiuren There is no need for you to compliment them on that. They already well know about it as well as your intention behind it. Plus, the boyfriend wouldn’t appreciate your intrusive comment, too. There must be many other things worth complimenting outside the bedroom. A woman is more than just her body, guys.

9. Having my breasts touched doesn’t really turn me on (14.8%)

boobs fondling doesn't turn woman on Sad to break the news but what was shown in porn was all fake.
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8. Bra size and sex drive aren’t related (15.2%)

big bra size doesn't mean big sex drive For illustration purposes only. Source: 9gag The bigger her bra size, the higher her sex drive. It doesn’t work that way, guys. Same goes for men’s penis.

7. Even women with large breasts can lack confidence in their chest (15.6%)

big boobs women can lack of confidence too Source: petitecherry Breasts have a magnetic pull on men’s eyeballs, but having too many people staring at you can sometimes make you second-guess whether or not they all like what they see.

6. Even when it’s just us girls around, we hardly ever show our breasts to each other (16.5%)

women don't show each other their boobs Well, it’s time for you to forgo the fantasy. Your brilliant imagination of PT class in female locker rooms, it is time to go.

5. If a woman has natural breasts, when she lies down, they’ll look a lot smaller (25.1%)

natural boobs Source: neogaf Be a good lad about it. Don’t ask where they have gone. She has gone so far for you to be vulnerable. Just be happy with what you’ve got already.

4. My nipples can get hard for reasons other than because I’m turned on (26.3%)

nipple hard for no reason Men have nipples, too. Don’t just suddenly forget how nipples work, okay?

3. Just massaging breasts doesn’t make them that much bigger (30%)

massage boobs don't make them bigger Source: imgur It is a legend myth. Men like touching breasts, so wouldn’t it be wonderful if the act itself gave them more to touch? But know that it is not true. If it was true, all women would be massaging them all day.

2. Even women can get hair on their chest (30%)

tiny hair on breast For illustration purposes only. Source: M&B Definitely not as much as men could, but sometimes women get strands of pectoral body hair where they overlook in their grooming ritual. When you truly love someone, imperfection is the loveliest part. Don’t go eww when you see one.
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1. You can’t really have cleavage if you’re not wearing a bra (30.4%)

need bra to have cleavage For illustration purposes only. Source: alchetron It is just like men can’t have a bulge without an underwear. Remember, they do not have bones inside to support their weight. It’s bra’s doing that makes it possible. So, did you know these 11 lore prior reading them? Let us know what else you would like to add to the list in the comments below. Source: japaninsides

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