MSN Owned By Microsoft Ranked Malaysia Mahathir As The Richest World Leaders Who Ever Lived Worth US$45 Billion (RM 187 Billion)

US$45 billion (RM188 billion)!!

I think Madey better sue this MSN Money portal.

Owned by Microsoft, this MSN is pretty influential and widely circulated.

Personally, I don’t really trust such articles unless there is solid proof but since Madey keeps throwing wild accusations and keeps repeatedly lying that his sons never had businesses in Malaysia while he was PM despite official records showing that his sons owned major stakes in at least 12 listed companies then, I will post it so people can question him!

Artwright, Dataprep, Opcom, Konsortium Nasional, Tongkah, Hospital Pantai, Phileo-Allied, Pelikan etc…

And yet he pretends not to see and keeps saying his sons never did business in Malaysia when he was PM!

Here’s a lie just two weeks ago by him again which is ironically titled “THE FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION”

I did not live a lavish life.

My children were not allowed to do business with the Government. They were not even allowed to be involved in politics. Certainly not to join UMNO. Most of the business they did when I was Prime Minister were in foreign countries. I did not want to be accused of nepotism.

And here’s the same lie last year.

I did not even allow my children to do business in Malaysia, much less get Government contracts. They were not even given Government scholarships except Mirzan who got it before I became a member of Parliament in 1964. And Mirzan had to pay back 25%.’

And of course, there is Madey’s finance guy, Daim…..

Here is Daim PERSONALLY ADMITTING just 2 weeks ago that he owned 14 banks in 14 countries.

In his letter, Daim then asked Malaysians to praise him for being successful worldwide!

“The ICB that I owned had operations in over 14 countries on three continents and was successfully listed in London. I delisted it when I realised I was getting too old to go globetrotting and when none of my children wanted to take over.

I think some recognition should be given to a Malaysian who has successfully carried the flag for Malaysian businesses here and worldwide.”

4 October 2021 Daim rues M’kini’s ‘obsession’ with him, says offshore trusts legit

Source : Lim Sian See

The richest world leaders who ever lived, ranked – by Daniel Coughlin 3 hrs ago. Malaysians please pay attention to number 30 out of the 36 people shown here –

30/36 SLIDES -Mahathir Mohamad: US$45 billion (£32bn)

Formerly the world’s oldest sitting prime minister, Malaysia’s Mahathir Mohamad had a long stint in power from 1981 to 2003, and then again between 2018 and February 2020. Via his proxy Tun Daim Zainuddin, the elderly leader, who is now 95, is said to have around $45 billion (£32bn) stashed away and is thought to have interests in 50 banks around the world.

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