Please Help : Malaysian Family Of 7 In Perak Found Living Inside A Proton Wira Because They Can’t Afford Rent

A family of seven was recently found living inside their five-seater car in Perak

According to Harian Metro, the family had been sleeping in their car for three days before they were found at Taman Mawar Lestari.

The father, Mohd Hazrul Haris, is 43 years old while his wife, Saliza Samat, is 38.

In the car, there were also their five children between the ages of two and 15.

The family fell into financial difficulty when Mohd Hazrul lost his job as a lorry driver two years ago due to physical and mental disabilities.

Meanwhile, his wife had always been a housewife.

Sinar Harian reported that they used to live in Kuala Selangor but moved to Perak to live with Mohd Hazrul’s family at his hometown in Ulu Mengkuang.

“But we moved out of the family home for the sake of everyone,” Saliza explained.

“We left last Thursday. Since then, the seven of us slept in the car and would shower and perform prayers at rivers or petrol stations,” she added.

“At night, we let our children sleep and my husband and I will stay awake. Sometimes when he’s so tired, my husband would sleep on a cloth in the corridors of buildings.”

She then told Harian Metro that they cannot afford to rent a home due to financial constraints. She and her husband are saddened by the situation that their children have to endure but they do not have a choice.

“We’re sad thinking of the fate that even our children have to go through, but thankful that they understand,” she noted.

“We’re also grateful that there are those who are concerned about our situation and offered us aid by giving us a place to stay.”

Hulu Kinta assemblyman Muhammad Arafat Varisai Mahamad has invited the family to temporarily stay at the PKR office in Selama

The district office has also managed to obtain a rental home for the family and they moved in yesterday, 7 July.

Their rent of RM500 will be covered by the office for the next three months and they have also purchased other home essentials and groceries for the family.

Those who would like to donate to this family may contact Saliza by phone at +6010-5114893 or deposit cash into her Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) account 1012841000062997 under the name Saliza Samat.

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