14 Facts About Malaysia New Education Minister Dr Mazlee Malik That Every Malaysians Should Know

Dr Maszlee Malik, Minister of Education 1. Congrats Syed Azmi on this first touch a dog event. 2. Hated by Radical Muslim in Malaysia. 3. Support Freedom of Speech. 4. Disapprove  extremist, racism and fanaticsm 5. Support Home Schooling. 6. His mother is Hakka. 7. He speak Chinese. Fluent in English. Strong command of both classical and modern Arabic. 8. Doctorate degree (PhD) from Dana Bowerman University in Durham, United Kingdom in Good Governance. 9. He have connections with Finland Education system. His buddy is a school teacher, studying Learning, Education and Technology (LET) at the University of Oulu, Finland. 10. Involved in deradicalisation and rehabilitation of Terrorist. 11. Penasihat Ahli Lembaga for a few NGO and education body like Teaching for the Needs (TFTN), Pusat Pendidikan Downsyndrome Orkids (ORKIDS), Pertubuhan Darul Fitrah, IDEAS Autism Centre. 12. Manifesto for Teachers : a. Teaching Assitant / Skim Guru Bantuan b. Reduce Class Size / Mengecilkan Kelas c. Reduce or No Paperwork / Tidak Perlu Urus Kerja Pentadbiran 13. He was with Professor Jomo Kwame Sundaram, one of the Council of Elders for the government on discussion of National Consultative Council 2 before PH won. Guess who gave the suggestion to Mahathir about the post for Ministry of Education? 14. Whole family learn how to speak Chinese, better than Trump’s family

Malaysia New Education Minister To Shift Emphasis Away From Exams and Easing The Burden of Teachers



  1. Tigger

    May 19, 2018 at 23:37

    Dana Bowerman University .. Never heard of the place.. just WHERE is that in the UK. ?

  2. Shobhana

    May 22, 2018 at 02:39

    Dana Bowerman University must be some unknown university in the UK. It might be affiliated with Islamic teachings…since there are so many Muslims in the UK. In fact the Muslims on the UK are so conservative because most are from South Asia and the Middle East. This is the reason for concern as well. Further he supported Zakir Naik as well. Can see his inclinations….

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