16 Year-Old Malaysian Girl Had Sex With 8 Different Classmates - The Coverage

16 Year-Old Malaysian Girl Had Sex With 8 Different Classmates


A 16 year-old girl had sex with 8 different classmates.

Yes, you read that right, don’t bother reading the title over again and again to make sure you read it right.


Now, close your jaw and we’ll tell you what happened. Take a breather if you have to first; no hurry.

The girl’s mother noticed she was behaving odd-ish lately; she acted dodgy and always came back home late from school. The worried mother thought her daughter was victim to bullying, which is something common in high schools and decided to follow her motherly instincts, to find out why her daughter has not been her usual self.

She pretended to leave the house to run some errands one weekend and hid near by to see what her daughter normally does when she’s alone at home. To her surprise, she saw a few of her male classmates enter the house and left after a while.

Later that evening, she and her husband questioned the girl, asking her why were there male classmates coming over to their home when she’s home alone. Worried and angered at their daughter’s disregard for her own safety, they kept at it, questioning her and pressuring her to tell the truth and lo and behold; after an hour, she cracked.

She admitted that she was having sex with 8 of her classmates. It all began when she first dated a classmate for 5 months but realized that he couldn’t fully satisfy her urges and decided to begin sexual relations with another 7 of her classmates. It soon began a ‘friends with benefits’ kind of relationship.

Being the minors that they are with no money to rent a hotel room, it was hard for them to find a rendezvous for their crimes of passion. So they resorted to physically carrying out their pool of sinful lust in their classroom after school hours when nobody would be in the school.

Infuriated at the fact that her daughter not only allowed her modesty to be violated, but also craved it in such a disgracing manner, the mother filed a police report at the local police station.

On the 30th of October, 2015, the police began investigations and caught all 8 of the alleged ‘friends with benefits’ of the girl, aged between 15 to 16, and charged them with having sexual relations with a minor.

There aren’t enough details in this article, WE KNOW! Questions still roam free in our minds. So many questions remain unanswered!
Questions like :

Is it even possible to have such a high sex drive at that young age?

What triggered her to even have such fantasies?

Is she somehow related to the Malaysian Sex Blogger; Alvin?

All jokes aside, this bit of news may come off as funny to some but to most people, like us, will find it sad. How did we raise the younger generation so badly that something like this could’ve happened?

This incident is nothing less of a degrading reflection of the younger generation and must be rectified to ensure our country a better future. They are after all, the future leaders and the last thing Malaysia needs is a minister with a high sex drive and long list of scandals.

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