Rafidah Slams Game Of Toilet Thrones : Slamming Both Muhyiddin & Anwar For Chasing After Power And Position While The Country & Its People Continue To Be Ravaged By The Pandemic

Former minister Rafidah Aziz has hit out at the latest developments in Malaysia, lamenting that politicians were back to playing politics like a “Game of Toilet Thrones”.

In a Facebook post, Rafidah said these politicians were busy giving promotions to themselves while splitting up their own party members, practising “corrupt, transactional politics”.

She also took a dig at opportunistic individuals who were offering to lead the country in the current situation, saying they were just chasing after power and position.

“Clearly, it’s only personal politics at play, political musical chair. It’s not about the heavy responsibility and the serious, meticulous work that comes with the position.

“There is clearly no leadership or leaders – merely individuals in cushy seats of power paid inflated remuneration from public funds.

“There continues to be a game of toilet thrones by a backdoor government that has chosen to use the political ‘emergency’ for entirely personal political motives, objectives and expediencies. A complete abuse of power,” she said.

Meanwhile, the country and its people continue to be ravaged by the pandemic and its far-reaching impact on society, she lamented.

Rafidah, widely known as the Iron Lady, said people were struggling to make ends meet with the lockdown and others were coming under mental stress after losing jobs, while children have been unable to receive a proper education.

“Yet, the selfish, self-centred politicians have shown very little real empathy for them beyond lip service, baskets of handouts with their photos all over, and the usual political pontifications.

“The government is not governing. Politics still prevail over almost everything. May the Almighty save our Malaysia,” she said.

Muhyiddin Yassin’s fate as prime minister continues to hang in the balance after Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi announced yesterday that the party had withdrawn its support for him.

Newly-appointed deputy prime minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob and Attorney-General Idrus Harun were among the prominent figures who met Muhyiddin at his house today, before leaving at 12.45pm.

Malaysia needs an interim administration to replace the hopeless and incompetent Perikatan regime until the next elections date in 2023. This interim administration will be formed from a team of professionals to tackle the issues of Covid, economic growth, alleviation of poverty and unemployment, plus laying the groundwork for the general elections in 2023.

The interim administration will consist mainly of pro bono workers, people with the objective of doing national service for 2 years. They must not have any ongoing political affiliation, and must openly reject corruption and nepotism.

The interim administration needs a firm leader, one with little or no baggage, no current political affiliation nor affiliation through family ties. The leader must have a proven track record in administration, working with the civil service, commanding its respect. He/she must have some international exposure to attract DFI.

THE ONLY INDIVIDUAL FOR THE JOB IS TAN SRI RAFIDAH AZIZ. We need to encourage her to assume the post, and give her the power to form her team. No need to attach conditions for this position. The country is in dire need of help from the outside.

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