2016 Most Followed Models On Instagram!!! - The Coverage

2016 Most Followed Models On Instagram!!!

If you are a social media influencer or even someone who just loves social media in general, then you have to be following these top 10 models on Instagram! Why do you ask? Well, no reason in particular actually. πŸ˜›

Just maybe it would make it easy for you to keep up with the latest trends as these ladies are known to parade for. Be it fashion, places to travel to, yummy food for the tummy or even just a dosage of their lifestyle, they got it all.

These models have gained the most followers for the past 12 months, and for very good reasons too! Let’s do a countdown, shall we?

10. Candice Swanepoel – Gained 3.5 million (10 million in total)

candice-swanepoel-haircolor-hairstyle candice-swanepoel-hd-images


9. Taylor Hill – Gained 3.6 million ( 5.8 million in total)

taylor-marie-hill-h-m-photoshoot-04 taylor-hill-spicy-victoria-secret


8. Gisele Bundchen – Gained 3.9 million (10.7 million in total)

gisele-bundchen-vivara-jewellery-christmas-2014-07 salvatore_ferragamo_-1


7.Β Chrissy Teigen – Gained 4.8 million (9.1 million in total)

3052c0e900000578-3405957-image-a-92_1453182663251 landscape-1451314373-gettyimages-450251338-1


6. Victoria Beckham – Gained 5.2 million (13.1 million in total)

418868-victoria-beckham watch-victoria-beckham-in-vogue-china-photo-shoot-50335_w650


5.Β Emily Ratajkowski – Gained 5.7 million (9.5 million in total)

emily-ratajkowski-out-in-los-angeles-march-2015_3 emily-ratajkowski-ultime-fantasme-masculin


4. Bella Hadid – Gained 5.8 million (8.2 million in total)

Unknown subject


3. Hailey Baldwin – Gained 5.9 million (8.5 million in total)

haileybaldwin iqva0jxt


2. Cara Delevingne – Gained 14.3 million (35.6 million in total)

cara-delevingne-head-shot 20d9f6c59395699ccc48a4dd16d2278913f151cb


1. Gigi Hadid – Gained 16 million (26.2 million in total)

gallery-1455547174-elle-gigi-index gigi-hadid-max-papendieck-vanity-fair-photoshoot-2016

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