24-year-old Malaysian Robbed and Murdered Outside of Pub in Kajang - The Coverage

24-year-old Malaysian Robbed and Murdered Outside of Pub in Kajang

Picture Source : Oriental Daily

Picture Source : Oriental Daily

A man who was robbed by 2 men after walking back to his car was stabbed to death.

At around midnight, 2 machete wielding Indian men suddenly confronted a young man who was just about to enter his car after leaving a karaoke pub. He couldn’t defend himself and was slashed on the neck and died on the spot.

District Director Assistant of the Kajang Police force say that the incident took place at around 2.30am, at Jalan Bunga Raya in Sungai Chua, Kajang. The victim was identified as 24-year-old mobile phone seller, Cheong Wing Chong, who lives very near to the pub.

The victim was with 3 friends that night at the karaoke pub. At around 2am, the victim left on his own to go home because he started to feel tipsy from the effects of the alcohol. When he arrived at his car, the 2 robbers confronted him.

A bystander who was standing outside of the pub while smoking a cigarette during the incident told police that he saw 2 Indian men approach the victim who was already unsteady in his steps. Out of curiosity, the bystander called out to the men to which one of them responded that they were simply being good Samaritans by helping the intoxicated victim back to his car.

The bystander didn’t think much of it, finished his cigarette and re-entered the pub to join his friends.

However, shortly after, a friend of the victim who was leaving the pub too, saw from the pub entrance, his friend getting kicked by the 2 Indian men. He immediately ran back into the pub and shouted for help. Sadly, when a few other men in the pub came out with the friend of the victim to help him, there was already a gushing wound on the victim’s neck and the robbers were nowhere to be found. The victim’s valuables had been searched completely and the inside of his car was in a mess after the robbers ravaged through his car for valuables.

Police say that the robbers were most likely already searching for a victim that night and decided that the intoxicated victim would be an easy target.

The police are now looking high and low for the robbers who are also responsible for the murder of an innocent young man.

5 family members were brought by the police to the mortuary the next day to identify the body of the victim. When the victim’s parents recognized their blood-drenched son, they immediately broke down in tears.

One of the family members told reporters that he received a phone call from the police during the afternoon, saying that the victim was murdered in Kajang. His heart immediately dropped upon hearing the news.

The family were so grieved by the loss of their loved one that they couldn’t continue with the interview.

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