25-Year-Old Solo Traveler Raped And Killed In First Country She Visited

Source: IL Gossip Prior to her death, Maria shared a photo on her social media profile with the caption:

“Today my trip starts after a long time wishing to travel all around the planet alone. The time has arrived to be full of nature. Costa Rica, pure life.”
It was further revealed that her body was found on a beach just a week after she had begun her journey. According to the Ministry of Public Security of Costa Rica, Maria’s corpse was found on the beach of EI Carmen, Santa Teresa de Cabano surf resort. Source: Tien Phong Some reports revealed that Maria was with a British woman, whom she met on the beach when they were assaulted by two men who tried to steal from them. While the British woman managed to escape and get help from a security guard, Maria was cornered, assaulted, and raped by the robbers. After raping her, the attackers reportedly drowned the young lady in the sea. Thankfully, the Ministry shared that the two suspects, Esquivel Cerdas and Benavides Mendoza who allegedly raped and killed Maria, were arrested!
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Source: Daily Star Cerdas is accused of attacking Maria while Mendoza is suspected of raping her. A saddened friend of Maria shared her grief on social media after the death of the young singer and music producer was reported on the news. She wrote,
“Only a few days ago we were celebrating your big step because your music will send you far away. Now, I am told on Facebook that you were abused and killed in Costa Rica. I do not understand how they could do something like this to you; I do not understand how much hate could be in this world.”
Source: Daily Star Similarly, a Spanish tourist was also strangled to death while she was raped in Costa Rica. Arantxa Lopez Gutierrez, 31, was reportedly attacked on the road while she was on the way to her hotel, Laguna Lodge. It is learned that she stayed in that hotel, which is in Tortuguero on the Carribean coast, with her husband, a guide, and eight other European tourists. It was revealed that Arantxa was on a walk around the hotel when she was raped and killed by a 33-year-old Nicaraguan man who entered Costa Rica illegally three months ago. The man was charged with raping and killing Arantxa after police nabbed him. Source: Today Costa Rica The two cases are extremely worrying and disturbing, that is why ladies, please be very careful when you visit a country all by yourself. Make sure you are equipped with things you can defend yourself with.  Stay safe! (Source: WOB)

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