26-Year-Old Girl Disconnected Her Grandpa's Life Support To Charge Her Phone

disconnect her grandpa’s life support because she needed to charge her phone. You’d think that a 26-year-old will know better, right? In her defense, she said:

“My phone was at 1%, which can be described as a critical situation. Besides, my mother asked me to text her how my grandpa was doing right after getting to the hospital, so I had to do it.”
To our dismay, Ally not only sent a message to her mom, but she even took some pictures of her grandpa to upload them on Instagram.
“No way, I just did it to prove them that he was okay. And yes, it’s true that he was turning blue, but I thought that that was an Instagram filter.”
She said that while referring to the moment when the old man started suffering from lack of oxygen. Girl, how stupid can you be? The man is on LIFE SUPPORT, of course, he’s going to be suffering after you turned off the machine! Why did you think that it was a filter when only his face was blue but not other parts of the picture?! She complained,
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“People could have also warned me, instead of just tapping ‘Like’.”
Luckily, the old man managed to reach for a control and call the infirmary. Doctors and nurses came rushing in, in time to help him. Ally added,
“They freaked out when they realized that the respirator was turned off. I asked them if there was another socket in the room but they didn’t answer. I think it’s unfair that there was only one socket.”
Ally’s foolish action angered her entire family after the incident and she dared to conclude her statement saying,
“I understand your anger and I share it. But we gotta look for solutions. We either buy one of those external batteries for my phone or we buy another one.”
Oh my God, this is really making me angry! How can this girl live for 26 years and not know the importance of the life support machine?! I’m so appalled by her logic, thinking that her phone was more important than her grandpa’s life! It wouldn’t hurt to let your phone battery die, and let your mother know about your grandpa’s condition later at home!  What’s your take on this? Share your thoughts with us! (Source: Ideas Fun)



  1. Wes

    November 1, 2017 at 21:36

    Fake news

  2. Raizzen

    November 4, 2017 at 16:52

    Wow. Ally Loiua ? Seriously ?

  3. ken

    November 7, 2017 at 22:23

    How about HOG WASH on this story. First, if a life support was disconnected, alarms would go off. Second, I doubt very much there were no other outlets in the room as there would be one on every wall in the room. I also think there would be free outlets by where the life support was plugged in. As an RN, I know that often portable equipment would be brought in that would need to be plugged in, often including crash carts although they often do run on a battery for sometime.

  4. Han

    November 9, 2017 at 08:58

    This is fake as heck; if you have any self-respect you would remove this article, or stop “playing journalist”. Fact check before posting something, please! At best, publishing fake articles that you copy off other sites perpetuates idiocy of the masses; at worst, wrong articles may lead to panic or hate. Please be responsible.

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