Is Macau Triad ‘Broken Tooth Koi ‘Linked To Perikatan Nasional In Johor State Election? – Have Muhyiddin & Hamzah Been Associating With Characters Of Repute Through Their Tenure At Home Ministry?

The video of half naked girls dancing and flaunting their thighs and legs on stage attracted the social media.

Those not aware or refuse to believe Muhyiddin’s infidelity should be shocked to see the son of a renown Islamic religious teacher of Muar clapping and enjoying the sight.

It is sacrilegious for the seemingly pious Muhyiddin to condone the girlie show in his presence.

The former Prime Minister read prayers during his live announcement during the pandemic, recently issued an edict claiming leaving UMNO for PN is encouraged by Islam, and call on Najib to feel shame for being convicted.

Muhyiddin should feel equally ashamed. The dinner is not WYSIWYG or what you see is what you get. The person next to him clapping with joy is Dato Seri Tan Choon Hwa or usually called as JP Tan.

Despite official claim it is organised by Parti Gerakan, PN’s Executive Secretary, Saiful Adli issued a denial and said it is organised by Chinese Business Community of Johor.

A prominent Johor Chinese businessman shared the invite. He claimed to be invited by Gerakan office in Johor.

The schedule for the night is hardly a social event for Chinese New Year or Chap Goh Mei, but a political event to introduce PN candidates and political speeches.

Several video clippings of the VIP speeches have viraled. Among which are speeches by Muhyiddin and Hamzah Zainuddin.

Apparently, Hamzah instructed that no food served during the speeches so that the audience pay attention to the speeches. If that is the opening of the three VVIP speeches, the dinner could be organised at his request.

Gerakan has no money and footing in Johor to gather 800 “businessmen”. Their candidate for Pekan Nenas in the three corner all Chinese showdown is not their member but an MCA frog.

The dinner has to be organised by a Chinese businessman or power broker with the network to do so.

JP Tan

The person is believed to be JP Tan and done at the request of PN’s Election Director, Dato Hamzah Zainuddin. However, credit was given to Gerakan and unknown “Johor Chinese business community”.

One member of the audience claimed JP Tan is a businessman with interest in 10 public listed company. Since he is hardly known in the market as an operator or far from having the reputation to “goreng shares”, the former MCA Kelantan leader is most likely a heavy market punter.

Other sources passed unsavory remarks of him and his reputation in Kelantan, but lets limit the description to him as having good PR.

He has built good network of important people on both and many sides of the political divides by the unsophisticated approach of regularly entertaining them. He seemed to know quite a few people.

In the picture, he is seen with Kelantan UMNO leader and close friend of Hamzah, Tan Sri Annuar Musa, DAP’s Lim Guan Eng and Lim Swee Lin, and other unidentified individuals. 

It is the picture of JP Tan with Macau triad, Wan Kuok Kwai or infamously known as Broken Tooth that is disturbing. 

Wan is notorious for his heist on Macau casinos and considered untouchable to local law enforcement. He was JP’s partner in a local PLC. 

The criminal was blacklisted by US treasury for corruption end of 2020. A November 2021 news reported Wan surfaced at the Cambodian casino scene.  Earlier in October, SCMP reported his link to Malaysian scammer Nicky Liow.  

More than a year ago, this blog reported former IGP Tan Sri Fuzi Harun quit his Chairmanship in Inix Technologies Holdings Berhad upon knowledge that Wan is involved in the company.

Sources claimed JP Tan was a shareholder and brought Fuzi into the company.

An observer noticed associates of a market personality by the name of Kenneth Vun were among the attendees.

The 30-something Kenneth hails from Beuford Sabah and has acquired the reputation for securities fraud as the Malaysian John Soh. Edge Online reported him as the hands behind the surge in penny stocks at the end of 2020 before the pandemic.

Have Muhyiddin and Hamzah been associating with characters of repute through their tenure at Home Ministry?

Buying votes?

Another question is why did PN allowed a character of questionable integrity a role in their campaign fund raising dinner?

According to an attendee, each table is sponsored for RM100 to RM200 thousand. An observer doubted and believed it is sold for far less because the table are filled by company staff and the “threatening” presence of Hamzah made Johor companies obliged to buy tables.

Its possible the event was sponsored by JP Tan’s business associates.

Sources claimed money have been channeled for distribution to Chinese and Indian temples and local welfare societies through a former local MCA leader still loyal to him. Fund raising dinner usually served to legalise money to be spent.

Source : Another Brickin Wall

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