3,000 Thirsty Men Show Up At Hotel After Chinese Vlogger Offered Free Sex On WeChat - The Coverage

3,000 Thirsty Men Show Up At Hotel After Chinese Vlogger Offered Free Sex On WeChat

Recently, a 19-year-old female vlogger in China was detained after she announced that she would have sex with any of her fans in her hotel room for free in one of her live streams.

The female vlogger, identified as Ye Mouyi, was in the Double Tree by Hilton in Haitang Bay, Sanya, in southern China’s Hainan island when she uploaded the clip at 8.00 pm with the caption saying:

“Who’s coming to get me… to have sex… for free.”

The teenager also included her hotel room number 6316 in her social media post.

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According to Chinese news outlet ifeng, Ye, who is also known by her online name as Qianjin Yeye, arrived at Sanya on February 26 from Shanghai and check in at the hotel at around 3 in the afternoon of the same day.

The post went viral on Chinese social media later that night and numerous people reportedly knocked on her door, and the concierge received several phone calls asking for the information of the person staying in room 6316.

Source: Next Shark

Other sources claimed that around 3,000 people swarmed the hotel.

The vlogger reportedly became scared as the number of people knocking on her door and calling for her on the phone increased as the time goes by. She immediately posted a reply to her post saying she was just joking and had begged her fans to stop looking for her.

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Unfortunately, her fans didn’t listen to her plea, one of them even posted a video online showing his journey up to her room, while others posted pictures of her hotel room door on WeChat.

Soon after the massive swarm, the hotel had to force Ye to check out at around 10.00 pm for the safety of other patrons. Clips of Ye being escorted out of the building by staff also made it online.

Source: Next Shark

She was then arrested by police at the Sanya Phoenix International Airport soon on suspicion of advertising prostitution online where she received a 15-day detention as well as a fine of 500 yuan (RM308).

The video has since been taken down and Ye admitted in her statement to the authorities that she only did the video and posted it online to attract more followers on her Weibo account.

Watch the videos below!

Girls, you shouldn’t even joke about something like this, your body is your temple, you should respect it, and that is a bad, bad way to gain more fans! Sure, they may increase your following, but they’re fans of you for the wrong reasons!

What are your thoughts on this?

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