Please Help : Grandma Who Only Has A Month Left To Live Needs RM45,000 For Lifesaving Surgery

Malaysian woman Cynthia Murphy is appealing to members of the public for help after her grandmother was diagnosed with a heart condition that requires urgent surgery.

The details are as follows:
Account number: 7062923510
Bank: CIMB
Name: Cynthia Shammah Murphy

In an Instagram Story — which has been circulated by netizens across multiple social media platforms — Cynthia said her grandmother is suffering from a ‘widow maker’, whereby four main arteries in the heart are 99% blocked.

“With her current condition, as per advice by medical experts, the surgery has to be done within a week as her current expected survival rate is less than a month,” wrote Cynthia.

“Hence the urgency, we need to get her a major Heart Bypass surgery (CABG) in a week’s time.”

She revealed that the cost of the surgery is a whopping RM45,000

“Unfortunately, the high cost of surgery came too sudden for the family to gather the money in a short amount of time,” she lamented.

“I am starting this fundraiser in hopes that we can fix my grandmama’s heart in time. I can only hope that you will be able to help me and my family in this time of need.”

Speaking to SAYS, she said her family learnt about their grandmother’s condition last Saturday, 2 April, and they were given a week to arrange for her surgery

“Hence, it was why we are unable to come up with the amount in such a short time limit,” she said when contacted.

She also clarified that her grandmother will be admitted to the National Heart Institute (IJN), not a Columbia Asia Hospital.

In an update yesterday, 5 April, she said her grandmother visited IJN and the doctors had set 9 April for surgery, as she is currently on blood thinners medication.

“Till then please keep praying for her. With her condition, they are worried she may go off in her sleep. So all the prayers and contributions are all we can hope for till then,” she said on Instagram.

At the time of writing, her crowdfunding campaign on Go Get Funding has garnered about RM9,800

Separately, she told SAYS that she received a total of RM10,501 in her bank account.

Some RM8,888.27 that she received in her PayPal account via Go Get Funding cannot be withdrawn as of yet “unless donors clear receipt because we don’t have a donation option in our region”, she said.

Her family needs every help they can get to save her grandmother.

“Any amount will be a blessing that we will forever be grateful for,” she wrote on the crowdfunding campaign website.

“All we need is the finance to give her an actual fighting chance and I thank each and every one of you in advance.”

If you wish to contribute you can donate to Cynthia’s bank account.

The details are as follows:
Account number: 7062923510
Bank: CIMB
Name: Cynthia Shammah Murphy

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