Pay Up Or You Can’t Leave : Singaporean Offenders Will Not Be Allowed To Leave Malaysia Until They Clear All The Summonses

Singaporeans in Malaysia who have outstanding traffic summonses and arrest warrants will not be allowed to leave the country unless they pay the summonses.

Federal traffic investigation and enforcement department director Mat Kasim Karim said this will be effective when the Road Charge Collection and Vehicle Entry Permit systems are implemented in the near future.

“Based on this, police will get the required information pertaining to traffic offenders,” he said in a statement.

Mat Kasim said police could scan the vehicle registration number to show the number of outstanding summonses.

“They (Singaporean offenders) will not be allowed to leave the country until they clear all the summonses,” he said.

On top of that, police were using 40 scanning devices under the Intelligent Compound Online Payment System (iCOPS) to track traffic offenders, including those who have summonses with arrest warrants.

Mat Kasim revealed that from 2016 to last year, police had issued 143,427 summonses for various traffic offences, and only 34,636 were settled.

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