Now It’s Confirmed That Muhyiddin & PN Are The Ones Behind The Delay In The Anti-Political Frog Acts

Now It’s Confirmed That Muhyiddin & PN Are The Ones Behind The Delay In The Anti-Political Frog Acts.

MuhyiddinBecause if the act is passed then Midin can no longer do yet another “scheme of things” buying and bribing of MPs to make him PM again.

Source : Lim Sian See

Utusan Malaysia report alleging that Bersatu had collectively disapproved of a provision in the draft of the anti-hopping bill on the issue of holding a by-election when an MP is expelled by his party.

Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin has proposed that Putrajaya review the ouster clause in the Societies Act in view of the anticipated enactment of the anti-hopping law.

Debating the bill to amend the Constitution, Muhyiddin (Bersatu-Pagoh) expressed concern that the amendment pertaining to the freedom of association and ensuing anti-hopping law would curb the MPs’ freedom to speak out against party leaders.

On the definition of party-hopping, the former prime minister said he disagreed that MPs sacked from their parties should be required to vacate their seats immediately, citing the various reasons one might be sacked.

Noting that an MP could be sacked for speaking out against party leaders, he said exemptions should be given for such instances as it would be unfair to them.

“There’s no room for a sacked MP to challenge the sacking in court because of the ouster clause in Section 18C of the Societies Act. An appeal can only be made to the party’s Supreme Council, which would surely be controlled by party leaders. Is this fair?

“If the law will be used in this way, then party members won’t dare to speak out against leaders that make mistakes or who practise corruption, for fear of being sacked and then losing their seat.

“MPs who represent the will of the people will be muted and silenced by the cabal who control a political party. We are putting the interest of political parties first before the people,” he said.

Section 18C of the Societies Act states that any decision made by a party cannot be challenged or appealed against in court.

Muhyiddin, who is also the Perikatan Nasional chairman, said this section needed to be done away with so that MPs who were unfairly sacked could get justice in court before being required to vacate their seats.

He said this was important so that Putrajaya would not be able to wield the anti-hopping law at its own whims and fancies, pointing out that once the bill was passed, the government would only need a simple majority in the Dewan Rakyat to amend the Act.

“Therefore, though I agree in principle with this constitutional amendment to be made to allow the enactment of an anti-hopping law, this must be done carefully,” he said.

An anti-hopping law (AHL) crucial to Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s stability is facing 11th-hour doubts from Malaysia’s opposition, whose support is required to reach a two-thirds supermajority in Parliament for a constitutional amendment.

The Straits Times has learnt that main opposition pact Pakatan Harapan (PH) is unhappy with the unclear language in the amendment, to be tabled in a special sitting on Monday morning (April 11), and has sent an alternate version to the government.

“We want to specify defections. We expect the government to counter our draft but as long as defections are clearly defined, we can consider it,” a lawmaker involved with the negotiations said on the condition of anonymity as these are confidential.

Implementing anti-hopping measures is a crucial plank in the confidence-and-supply agreement (CSA) inked between the Ismail administration and PH in September, which bars the Premier from dissolving Parliament until August.

Should PH void the accord due to an unacceptable AHL, it would open Datuk Seri Ismail to a withdrawal of support from colleagues in his government, which has only a slim majority of 114 out of 220 MPs.

The government has said the constitutional amendment to be debated on Monday and Tuesday is to have an “enabling clause” so that an anti-hopping Bill can be tabled that does not run contrary to existing provisions for freedom of association.

But Mr Ismail said on Sunday that the Bill will be tabled only in July, despite PH demanding the legislation be approved “as soon as possible”.

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