RM3.60 Chicken Rice : “I Rather Earn Less So People Can Afford To Eat” – Price Remain The Same For 9 Years Despite Prices Of Chicken Have Gone Up By 8 Times

As of late, media headlines across the country have been dominated by talk of rising costs across the board. This is especially true with regards to the prices of raw food ingredients, such as that of cooking oil, chicken, eggs, and even milled wheat flour. In fact, some F&B associations have gone so far as to predict that some restaurant operators may be left with no choice but the pass on the increased overhead expenditures to consumers by means of higher prices for every meal.

Chicken rice stall keeps prices at RM3.60

And yet, one chicken rice seller in Kuala Kangsar, Perak, has endeavoured to maintain his stall’s price of RM3.60 for a single plate of chicken rice despite the pressures that he faces as a consequence of global inflation.

In speaking with local newspaper Sin Chew Daily, Mr Chen Xian Kai [sic] of 记得来 (Remember to Come) Hainan Chicken Rice, said he has kept his prices the same over a period of 9 years, in spite of the fact that the prices of chicken have since gone up by about 7 to 8 times in that same period.

Explaining that he wants to make sure that his customers can still afford a hot meal, Chen adds that he takes no issue with making a smaller profit as a consequence. While he did observe a dip in business by about 20% in the past two weeks due to the uncertainty of chicken prices in the country, things have since returned to a brisk pace after word spread within the local community that prices at his stall have remained unaffected.

“When I first started selling chicken rice in Kuala Kangsar, the price of broiler chickens was only RM5.60 per kilo. It has since risen by about 7 to 8 times that amount. The last time I bought chickens, it was at RM10 per kilo.

But when the government announced the new subsidy, prices went down to RM9.40 again.” he said

Owner even performs charitable deeds

Insistent on providing quality to his customers, Mr Chen’s chicken rice is said to be a popular hit with customers, with one regular, Mr Zhou, complimenting how the food served at Mr Chen’s stall is as delicious as it is affordable.

What’s more, Mr Chen is also known for his charitable endeavours, and would often distribute 100 to 150 packs of chicken rice to those in need every 2 to 3 months. For those who are looking to support his business, you can find Mr Chen’s stall at the following address:

Address: 记得来 Hainan Chicken Rice, No. 38, Jalan Daeng Selili, Kampung Penaga, 33000 Kuala Kangsar, Perak

Operating hours: Every day except on Tuesdays

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