40 More UMNO MPs Waiting To Jump To PPBM : PPBM Will Have 61 MPs & Be The Largest Party - PKR Azmin Ali & Mahathir Is Going To Checkmate Anwar - The Coverage

40 More UMNO MPs Waiting To Jump To PPBM : PPBM Will Have 61 MPs & Be The Largest Party – PKR Azmin Ali & Mahathir Is Going To Checkmate Anwar

Folks say Brader Anwar and wife took the opportunity, when visiting Azmin in hospital recently, to try to patch up and come to terms. Azmin was not interested. The split in PKR is fatal. On Monday, Azmin had to suddenly deny stories that he was being expelled from PKR. A naughty rumour but n’theless no smoke without fire.

Hence yesterday when there were some voices asking why Brader has NOT been included to the new NEAC, it was Azmin who said that Dr Mahathir has the prerogative to appoint anyone he wishes to the NEAC. So Brader is being completely sidelined.

It is bad enough that the Brader does not have a Cabinet position – even after he won Port Dickson. Now he is not even being considered for the NEAC. Rightly so. He will not know economics from finance from business.

Something else happened yesterday. SEVEN former UMNO MPs have joined Bersatu. Plus Tokpa it means that Bersatu has instantly gone from 13 MPs in Parliament to 21 MPs. That is already a big block.

There are easily about 40 more UMNO MPs waiting to jump. If they do, Bersatu will have 61 MPs – Bersatu will be the single largest party in Parliament. It looks like Dr Mahathir is putting things back on track to strengthen Bersatu’s position.

One reason Dr Mahathir may not be able to do everything as fast is because he only has 13 seats in Parliament. People say that even Miss Yeo Bee Yin can contradict Dr Mahathir in Cabinet meetings. Yes because the DAP has 42 seats whereas Dr Mahathir has only 13 seats in Parliament. That equation is set to change.

It looks like the checkmate moves are now beginning to happen.

Talk is the split in PKR is going to become a huge crack by the bulan puasa (due in May). Azmin and gang are going to split from the Brader. That figure of 25 PKR MPs leaving with Azmin is still being heard. Or at least 25 MPs.

To amend the Federal Constitution we need 2/3 of Parliament or 148 MPs.

Those 58 MPs in Sabah are also most likely friendly towards Tun Dr Mahathir. Plus Amanah’s 10 and the DAPs 42.

I hope this new equation falls in place asap. I believe there is a time table that is running.

It does not change the extremely weak condition of the economy but at least it will remove political uncertainties and attract more stability and confidence in the country.

Notice that both the Sultan of Johor and the Tengku Mahkota have gone very quiet after Tun Dr Mahathir’s short visit to Johor.

Source : Syed Akhbar Ali

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