Rosmah’s Daughter Confession : How Her Evil Mother ( Rosmah Mansor ) Uses Black Magic – Torture & Abuse Najib Razak

Today marks the end of an era of tyranny that many have prayed for. I grew up looking up to these two individuals, loving them, respecting them. There was a time when i would have walked through the fires of hell and back for them.

As i grew older, i saw the selfishness and greed of one above all else. I experienced firsthand emotional, physical and mental abuse at the hands of the one on the left. I witnessed firsthand the same abuse she caused onto the one on the right. I witnessed many trespasses, deals and handshakes these two made for the benefit of power and to fuel their appetite for greed. I witnessed the side deals made behind the back of the one on the right.

The amount of money in briefcases exchanging hands and being spent like water not for the benefit of the rakyat but to be spent like water on jewels, bribery of officials and used in the pursuit of gaining more power. Shamans, witch doctors, aesthetic doctors and the like walking the pathways of my home for one reason or another but mostly to bring to heel and gain dominion over their peers and over their family members, even to cause harm on those who were audacious enough to cross them.

The numerous offshore accounts opened to launder money out of the country for their personal spending. The steel safes full of jewels, precious stones and cash amassed. Being made a cash mule or even crystal shoes mule carrying these quietly into and out of the country was no fun either, let me tell you. The countless attempts to sell me into marriage to the highest bidder or even persons with the highest position that will be able to help them gain political and social advantage.

The greed, avarice and pride that grew with each step that was gained closer to the top position. Nothing could stop their reign of terror and yet i stayed out of loyalty and duty. When this terror was then focused on me and became too unbearable a burden to carry, i decided to leave. Thus began my self imposed exile from this unfortunate family.

When i married the man of my choosing after exhausting all ways of trying to convince them to release me from my bond, my new family unit was harassed and exposed to countless cruel, intolerable, degrading treatment at the hands of one Rosmah Mansor and her collaborators.

Unchecked, she engaged different government machinery, civil servants, media and members of Parliament to harass the family. Too many other creative methods were used to terrorise us and shut all ways of providing for the family and our children.

Throughout all of this and despite numerous attempts to seek help from the Prime Minister it was all to no avail. In fact, he covered his wife’s tracks instead. The one person who could have helped, refused to do so and turned a blind eye and a deaf ear.

Too scared of his bed partner to exercise any semblance of mercy. Just as he was too scared to stand up for the rights of the people when he realised something malignant had creeped into 1MDB but instead this family resorted to committing the disgustingly treasonous act of stealing from their people billions of dollars which they proceeded to use not just as their personal coffers to the detriment of the people but to bribe, extort, silence, maime and kill.

The day i left home, i left you a warning. That one who has been elected into office has powers only at the will of the people. They are there to serve the people, not the other way round. There will come a reckoning when the people will punish you for your trespasses on them. There will come a day when God will punish you for your trespasses the very people you swore to protect.

Today, my message to the both of you, to any siblings i have related by their blood who partook in this affair, to the eager collaborators and conspirators who sold out your people and the innocent for cash is this: You reap what you sow, not a penny less and not a penny more. God has answered the rakyat’s prayers.

God has answered my family’s prayers. You have finally been summarily removed. As a blood relative to this family, i pray that you will use this experience and time to repent and return to the right path. Allahuakbar, May He have mercy on your black souls. Only He has the power to forgive the lot of you.

Rosmah’s daughter speaks out: Greed, corruption, abuse, and black magic from Najib, mother and family

Azrene is Rosmah’s daughter from her first marriage, though very little is known about that time in the former first lady’s life. She also has one brother from that union, Riza Aziz aka the guy who produced The Wolf of Wall Street with ill-gotten 1MDB gains. More on that later.

Her lengthy post is both heartbreaking and intriguing.

Azrene writes that she initially looked up to both parents, and how paradoxical it felt to be standing on the other side. Her disdain for her mother is palpable, and she splits no hairs in portraying her stepfather as a man not only controlled by his domineering wife, but also taken over by his own greed.

She alleges that her mother was abusive to her – emotionally, mentally, physically. It would be years before she could recognize the abuse, and when she did, she saw that her mother’s abuse extended to Najib as well.

While public speculation over the former PM’s wife was always verging on the incredulously sensational — she was showered in diamonds, she practiced practiced black magic –Azrene’s post all but actually confirmed this.

Suitcases weren’t just used to travel, they were stuffed with money, she claimed, passed on to the next person they were trying to curry favor with, or the latest backroom deal. Najib wasn’t even aware of some of these transactions, she said.

Coming and going from the house were witch doctors, shaman and aesthetic doctors. Rosmah would use the perceived otherworldly powers of the mystics to cast spells, and wish evil upon those who crossed her.

Accounts were open in banks around the world, money spent “like it was water,” and steel safes were filled with jewels and precious stones.

Azrene was used as a mule, asked by her mother to carry money, crystals, whatever she needed moved around.

Appallingly, she speaks of her mother’s attempt to sell her into marriage to “the highest bidder,” or simply anyone with perceived power, to further her mother’s own social and political ambitions.

She writes that as Najib’s power within the country grew, so did her family’s thirst for money. She claims she stayed until she could bear it no more, then went into self-imposed exile, cutting ties with the family.

Finding a man that she wanted to marry for love, not power nor money, her mother and “her collaborators” as she calls them, began to harass her new family, she alleges. According to her, her own mother used the government, civil servants, media, and members of Parliament to make life difficult for her husband, herself and their family.

Frustrated, she spoke directly to the former PM, who she says not only refused to help, but also covered up his wife’s misdeeds. She claims that he “turned a blind eye and a deaf ear” because he was too scared of the diminutive Rosmah.

Interestingly, she alleges that Najib was initially unaware of the “malignant” forces at work in 1MDB. However, when he was made aware, he did nothing to stop it, and instead the whole family got in on the action.

Billions went missing, and Azrene writes that they were not just used to fake a fancy Hollywood movie and buy shiny things with – the funds were used to bribe, extort, silence, maim and even kill individuals that crossed the family’s path.

This is some heavy, heavy stuff. From a layman’s perspective, many of the things she brings up have been offered up for public scrutiny, and consistently met with steadfast denials by the former PM. The giant yacht? Nope – that baby was bought with lunch money. Millions in personal accounts? Super generous gift. Billions gone out the fund? Bad business deal – sorry about that!

She finishes her lengthy statement by reminding both her estranged mother, step-father and blood siblings (Riza Aziz) of what she told them before cutting ties: That one day the people would rise, and their crimes would be exposed. That they would reap what they have sown (it seems to be a field of sh*t, if Azrene is even half-accurate), and not a penny less.

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