Internet Infrastructure : What We Want To See In The Upcoming Manifesto ? – Part 1



With the upcoming General Election (GE15) looming in the next couple of months, Malaysian will be eager to compare what each party are looking to offer as their future planning for the country. Recent studies have shown that one of the key expectations of the people in their respective election manifestos is the planning process to attract future foreign investments in the country.

One of the most important infrastructure that Malaysia must have is a strong, secure and reliable internet infrastructure that would not only to support existing businesses but also futureproof the country with upcoming and emerging industries in the market.

Therefore, Malaysia needs to be at par with the rest of its neighbouring countries by ensuring a strong, secure and stable 5G connection in order for the country to continue being a preferred location for future investments.

In the past, we have seen the investment trend being focus on the implementation Industry 4.0 favouring on industry automation and innovation. In today’s market, the term “Digitalization” now dominates the market especially with the emergence of new areas of businesses and the market favouring “e-commerce” based markets as compared to the past . It is little surprise that one of the key prerequisites that attracts foreign investments in a country is the strength and speed of their internet capability as compared to its neighbours and whether the country is able to provide a conducive business environment .

Come GE15, the public will now look at which party that would be able to provide this as one of their election promises. Not only this will be an indicative factor on how they will try to attract foreign direct investments in the country but also a strong, secure and fast internet capability will directly affect the people, who are primarily the biggest benefactor on this. Recent survey has shown that the Malaysian public wants a significant improvement in the internet coverage in the country, especially in the rural areas of Malaysia.

The challenge will be to the political parties to include their solution to problems such as internet coverages in Sabah and Sarawak as compared to the coverage in Peninsular Malaysia . There is a need for political parties to put the implementation of 5G in Malaysia as the key focus on their promises to the public, in response to the public’s vocal concerns of ensuring Malaysia’s internet connection is at par with the rest of the ASEAN community.

To some extent, ensuring the Malaysian public of a strong internet infrastructure in the country should be a “low hanging fruit” for any political party. For years, Malaysians have voiced out their concerns of where Malaysia stands in sense of internet connectivity and coverage in comparison to its neighbours and with political parties focusing on this as part of their campaign manifesto will be a large boost for the respective party in the public eye.

Not only will this topic be a large boost in gaining foreign investment confidence to the country but also relates back to the direct consumer as well, which consist of the Malaysian people themselves. Profit hungry telcos and lawmakers need to sit down, push their interests aside and put the people’s needs on the table. 5G is a necessity, and the sooner we get it, the faster our society can grow and move forward.

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