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The recent find of a new gas field in Cengkih-1 on the shores of Sarawak may have been an exciting news for Malaysia’s oil and gas market however there are concerns over the ongoing dispute that is happening along our borders of Sabah and Sarawak, especially with examples of Chinese intrusions and disruptions happening at our borders especially on our oil and gas activities within the borders of the state .

It is no secret that the riches of what the South China Sea has to offer will become the main target of China in their claim for the region and if any or the previous activities have shown us, it won’t be long before we will see similar disruptions and intrusions happening at our very borders .

While there have been indications from the Malaysian government in taking these threats seriously, concerns are raised with the speed of the response from the Malaysian government in mobilizing its military assets to protect the interest of Sabah and Sarawak is what is being put into question. The call for an urgent need to strengthen the border control and security of assets is nothing new.

Representatives from both states have highlighted in numerous occasions on why it is imperative for Malaysia to not only move their military assets to the region but also modernise its military assets to be at par with the technology possessed by other countries .

China is one of the large superpowers that holds a much greater military capability than compared to Malaysia however that cannot be an excuse for Malaysia to hide meekly and make do with the military assets that we currently have, which has been made known to the public to be outdated and insufficient to protect our borders .

The security and safety of the people in Sabah and Sarawak is one of the main topics that is frequently discussed on the aspirations and hopes from the Malaysian public. With the two states bearing the brunt of threats coming from the South China Sea, there is a lot of hope that the security and safety of our borders will become the subject of focus in the manifesto of the respective political parties in this upcoming election.

There are hopes that a realistic solution can be proposed in the campaign promises from the political parties to give some form of security for those affected by the constant threat and intrusions from Chinese assets and ships. As we understand, these threats will not stop especially when the expansion of the Chinese military and naval assets continue to grow in the South China Sea.

There is hope that in this upcoming election, there will be a call from the Malaysian government to take serious consideration in protecting our most valuable assets on the Sarawakian shores which at this point would have grabbed the attention from our Chinese counterpart.

This is a big opportunity for the political parties in question to show its seriousness in taking the welfare and struggles of the people in Sabah and Sarawak very seriously and come up with a legitimate solution in what they would want to see from the future government of Malaysia.

There is hope that that in the upcoming General Election, the importance of Sabah and Sarawak will be taken seriously as the problems coming from Peninsular Malaysia. The time is now for political parties to show serious effort in protecting our own borders from real and possible threats from foreign intrusions before the time is too late.

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