Pekan UMNO Nominates Najib As Candidate For GE15 : If He Is Not Eligible To Contest – The Seat Will Return It To Najib If He Gets Pardoned

The Pekan Umno division will stick to naming the jailed Najib Razak as a potential candidate for the next general election (GE15), said the division’s deputy head, Zamri Ramly.

Zamri said the former prime minister, who has been the Pekan MP since 1976, except for one term from 1982-1986 when he was the menteri besar of Pahang, is among the five candidates nominated by the division.

“There are no plans to place Najib’s children to contest the Pekan parliamentary seat if he is not eligible to contest,” Zamri told Utusan Malaysia.

“Instead, whoever is chosen for the seat will return it to Najib if he gets pardoned.”

Zamri, however, declined to reveal the other four names.

While he denied reports that Najib’s children, Nizar and Nooryana Najwa, would be nominated for the Pekan parliamentary seat, he said Nizar, who is the Pekan Umno Youth chief, has been nominated for a state seat in the constituency.

There are four state seats under the Pekan parliamentary constituency – Chini, Bebar, Peramu Jaya and Pulau Manis.

Pekan has been held by Najib’s family since 1959, first with Najib’s father, second prime minister Abdul Razak Hussein, and then by Najib on Razak’s death, except for one term from 1982 to 1986 when Najib was the menteri besar.

Najib is serving a 12-year jail term for corruption in the SRC International case. He has filed for a review to overturn his conviction and has also sought a royal pardon.

In an FMT report on Tuesday, political analyst Azmi Hassan of Akademi Nusantara said Najib may not be able to get a result in time to qualify as a candidate for GE15 as polling is likely to be held in early November.

Source : FMT

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