MCA Under Wee Ka Siong Leadership Happily Collecting Fat Salaries And Perks From The Suffering Of Malaysians

What happened today was the biggest act of cowardice and betrayal of democracy, the constitution ever seen in Malaysian history, if not the world.

Imagine back-dating the cancellation of a nation-wide darurat that impacts the lives of all Malaysians just because the government of today is scared of voting in parliament.

If it is true that the cabinet made the decision to cancel the darurat ordinances on 21st Jun then they shall all be held responsible for this betrayal and farce.

In fact, it is very likely that this decision had not got the consent of the King.

No one should ever vote for any of the cabinet members regardless of which party they are from including those in UMNO and BN unless they disavow themselves and claim that they did not agree or that such a decision in cabinet did not happen.

Most disappointing of all are those from MCA. They are only in government not because they got majority Chinese support. They know clearly where and who helped them with their two parliament seats.

They are all now happily collecting fat salaries and perks from the suffering of Malaysians.

This is the only reason why I see them continuing to betray UMNO, BN and the people of Malaysian by supporting the failed and now illegitimate government of Abahkau.

If any of them had any pride and respect for the constitution, they will not be silent today. But they are.

So, to hell with all of them.

Source : Lim Sian See

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