Lim Shang Jin Spent RM60000 To Get Qiu Wen But Gatita Yan End Up Spending RM600000 On Rolex Watch As Birthday Gift To Be With Him

On 6 January 2021, Lim Shang Jin uploaded a video on his YouTube channel announcing the relationship of Qiu Wen and him has officially come to an end. The video went viral on many social media platforms including Facebook, and has almost 890k views at the time of writing.

An RM60,000 proposal for her to be his girlfriend

The two previously garnered spotlight on October 2019 when Lim planned a birthday surprise confession worth RM60,000 for QiuWen and vlogged the entire process.

Apparently, it was also rumoured that the guy got double-eyelid surgery to win her over.

On the other hand, Malaysian YouTubers seem to celebrate it all year round by releasing jaw-dropping announcements, whether they be real or fake.

Yesterday (March 31), Lim Shang Jin (林尚进) announced his newfound relationship with Gatita Yan a day before April 2021.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” Lim wrote in the caption

Lim and Yan had wide smiles across their faces and were snapped hugging, cuddling, and kissing each other.

If the pictures fail to convince you, the captions take it a step further with phrases like, “Exclusive! Lim is in a relationship, more photos to come,” and “It is for real this time.”

Lim is a YouTuber who’s known for his videos about relationships. He had just broken up with his ex-girlfriend not too long ago, which caught a lot of public attention.

He was also widely mocked for his lavishly spending RM60K on his ex-girlfriend and labelled as “the biggest loser” for wasting so much money on a relationship that did not last.

Source : ELY 21

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