I’m sure many of you have been to our very own “Chinatown” in Kuala Lumpur. Besides the shopping, there are many hidden gems of eateries that you might have not known off. You could still be a tourist in KL, as it’s a huge place and I’m sure you’ve not covered or visited some places around besides the popular places around. So here’s a few that you could try!

1. Bun Choon Petaling Street

If you’re a fan of egg tarts, you need to try them from here! You can get egg tarts fresh out the oven that is made of flaky pastry and creamy egg filling. Yum! The owner Wong Kok Tong and his wife and their classic egg tarts have a spin to it as well. They have special charcoal black sesame versions that are available to try!

2. Restoran Kim Lian Kee

One of the longest places ever being around for 80 years, you can find the city’s best hokkien mee right here at Kim Lian Kee. You might have dined in any other outlets around KL, but this one’s a really good one! It’s authentic feel to it, makes it really good! The stall opens until wee hours of the mornings. Coated with dark soy sauce and lard, it makes a really good place for supper!


3. Betel Leaf

Fret not, it’s not only about the chinese food over here. There are amazing banana leaf rice around as well. There is a variety of Chettinad cuisine from north and south India that is available here! Because dishes are all cooked a la minute, don’t expect your food to appear at the table two seconds after you’ve ordered. This place would be great for you to fill up your super hungry tummy!


4. Lucy in The Sky

There are also cafes available for a comfy evening of tea. Thos place is a rustic old vintage cafe that makes it rather beautiful. Made out of cement and a long coffee bar, the menu in this cafe features brunch such as pancakes burgers, sandwiches as well as pasta. Coffee here has a velvety depth, which goes down well with a slightly greasy American or English breakfast set.


5. Soong Kee Beef Noodles

Fan of beef? Try out this slurpy amazing beef noodles that would satisfy your stomach! The fresh beef with tenderloin meat comes with soup that makes it super refreshing. The beef balls are meaty and firm and mixed with minced pork. This place has been around for 67 years and is still running to serve customers like you!


Satisfy your taste buds by dropping by at Petaling Street!


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