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5 Signs That Show You Having The Mentality of Low Class Malaysian!! Do You Have It?!

Let’s check if you have the mentality of a low class Malaysian! Hopefully you don’t…

1. Did not take care of the cleanliness of public toilet!

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Squatting on the toilet bowl, somemore with the shoes on! How can the next person sit on the toilet bowl later?? Shitting beside the toilet bowl, throwing sanitary pads/tissues into the toilet bowl. Worst case, don’t even flush after using!

2. Littering all over the place!

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While driving, people will wind down their windows and throws things out, making the road a dustbin! If they are walking, saw drains, they throw, saw flower pot, also throw. Basically littering everywhere other than dustbin. Especially the cigarettes, it’s everywhere on the floor!

3. Scolding customer services!

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Don’t even have the patience to wait for the numbers. When the number is finally called up, would go to the counter with annoyed face and start complaining why the service is so slow. People are doing their jobs already, be a bit more friendly LOL.


4. Going into government buildings with inappropriate outfit!

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Even though there’s a guideline outside the building, but would ignore the guideline and dashed into the building. The clothes on the body is so little, that it only covers the necessary parts. If they were stopped by officers, they would get furious. But there’s a guideline outside, telling you the rules and regulation way before you enter the building…

5. Scolding hospital’s staffs!

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Going to the public hospital, feels like oneself is a VIP. Even if it’s just a fever, would demand first class room and services. This is a public hospital though… When it takes a bit of time for the nurse to come, the scolding will start, they even scold the doctors on duty! How can these people do their job if everyone behave like that…?

If you have any of this symptoms, unfortunately YOU ARE a low class Malaysian. So sorry about that.


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