51% Bumi Equity : Najib Agreed To Change From 51% To 30% But The Chinese Threw Out Najib Before He Can Get It Done – DAP Lim Guan Eng Did Not Revoke The Requirement

Malaysian must know the truth

The 51% bumi equity issue im the freight forwarding industry.

Back in 2018, the then MCA Minister Liow Tiong Lai brought it up to PM Najib to change the 51% bumi equity requirements to 30% bumi equity in line with the NEP and guess what?

But before they can get it done… THE CHINESE THREW OUT NAJIB AND MCA !



When the 51% bumi equity issue came out again in 2018 after GE14…. the new Chinese Finance Minister DISAGREE (as claimed by LGE yesterday) QUIETLY LAH since the general public also don’t know… Hahaha….

The Chinese finance minister DISAGREE and did not REVOKE the requirements and quietly sweep the issue under the carpet.

During Lim Guan Eng’s tenure as finance minister, nothing was done to rectify this.

A BIG THUMB UP 👍 for the Chinese Finance Minister from DAP

Many did not know this requirement was made by Madey/Daim in 1990..

When Anwar was Finance Minister, he also never did anything. ❌⛔

No wonder Mr. Anwar during Syed Saddiq speech neither object or agree in favor to remove this Bumi 51% requirements.

Nether did Syed Saddiq call for a total abolishment of the Bumi 51% quota abolishment. Throughout his speech he only narrate 3 points. First that the quota is not fair to the non-Bumi, second it is advantageous to foreign companies and third Syed Saddiq skirted the issue and said more should be done to uplift the economic status of the Bumiputra.

Because both Syed Saddiq and Anwar needs to protect their Malay votes Bank.

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