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53-Year-Old Penang Men Sexually Exploited More than 200 Malaysian Women


Many men have always dreamed of having the gift of charm; to be able to pick up or hook up with any woman they fancy. Movies like James Bond gave birth to the idea or rather, an unlikely superpower, to be able to make any woman fall in love with them. It is a superpower that would make any man feel like the most powerful person in the world. To be able to make any woman fall on her knees (pun intended) has always been a daydream fantasy of men. So much that there are even articles online claiming to be able to teach men to get any woman they fancy; most of which get thousands upon thousand of article reads a day.

– In his well-planned and almost ruthlessly executed sexual exploits, he would first woo his victims through social media before convincing them to have sex with him

-He would then secretly film those sexual encounters with his unsuspecting victims, one of whom a 65-year-old grandmother, and use the videos to blackmail them for thousands of ringgit in cash and more sexual favours

– The Star reported the 53-year-old man, who is originally from Penang, would threaten to send the footage he recorded to relatives and children of his victims if they did not meet his demands.

-The victim, who declined to be identified, conducted her own investigations and found phone numbers of hundreds of his other victims stored in his mobile phone.

-In order to get the victims to chat with him, he would send them a picture of himself looking sick in hopes of gaining their sympathy.

-Some of the victims also told police that they believe the suspect had cast a spell on them and that was the reason why they were easily manipulated by him.


One man in Penang has somehow honed and perfected himself in the “pickup” game. He basically had the power or rather skill, to make any woman fall in love with him. However, like villains from movies that abuse their superpowers to advance their own selfish agendas and to do evil, this man used his gift of charm to conn, extort and sexually victimize as well as extort and exploit over 200 women for over a decade.

The titles and “Pickup Artist”, “Conn Man” and “Sexual Predator” have never befitted a single person so perfectly. Hence, giving birth to a new super villain in Malaysia: “The Pickup Master”.

This man has a flow chart of the steps he take to execute his sexual agendas, he will first lure his victims through social media before convincing them in the most creative and charming of ways to have sex with him.

He would then set up a hidden camera during these sexual encounters with said victims, to film them during the lovemaking and use the said footage to blackmail them, threatening to release the footage online, should they not pay him a certain sum of money or perform more sexual favors for him. Keep in mind that we are not talking about mere dollars and cents. He has extorted thousand upon thousands of Ringgit from his victims.

One of the unfortunate victims to fall into his snare was a 65-year-old grandmother who he met on a bus. He was that unforgiving and ruthless. A true devil, he was.

His victim over a span of 15 or so years included lonely grandmothers, doctors, lecturers, foreign maids, teachers, single mothers and even a policewoman! All of which were innocent law abiding citizens with honest and pure intentions before they fell into his sexually corrupted charms. These unfortunate women had their common sense deceitfully and charmingly replaced by his seeding of corrupt thoughts and intentions which led them to have the part of their brain responsible for logic and doubt to shut down.

They were snared in this spider’s web for months, a spider whose pursuit for short-term sexual release wove a web of extortion and sexual blackmail.

According to reports, the 53-yar-old sexual predator raked in more than RM300, 000 from only 7 victims. The RM300, 000 is just from 7 victims who came forward to the police. Another 193 more women have not come forward. He literally became a millionaire by extorting women with his charms.

The Star reported that the 53-year-old man, who hails from Penang, would threaten to send the footage he recorded during their crime of passion to relatives and children of his victims if they did not meet his demands.

His crime spree, that went on for 15 long years, went up in a ball of flames when 7 of his alleged victims sought the help of crime activist Kuan Chee Heng, who convinced 2 of them to lodge police reports in Petaling Jaya and Subang Jaya.

Both women who agreed to report the incident to the police were uncomfortable doing so at the counter where police reports were normally made, so he advised them to request a private audience with a sergeant or detective and file the report discreetly.

Police then began picking up leads on the womanizer cum conn man and his trail of lies that began far back in the year 2000 with the help of one of the victims.

The victim, who wished to remain anonymous conducted her own deep undercover research and managed to dig out hundreds of phone numbers that belonged to his victims in his mobile phone.

She also found receipts for hotels and proof in the form of messages on Facebook and other social networking sites that the suspect used to befriend his victims.

According to statements by the victims, he lured them by seeding their emotions with affection and charm. He often sent them romantic and sweet photos with text messages of a flirtatious nature. After having intercourse with his victims, he would often leave love notes for them.

In order to get the victims to have conversations with him, he would send them pictures of himself looking sick, playing the pity card, in hopes of gaining their heartfelt sympathies for him.

Some victims even claim and swore to the police that they believed he cast a spell of sorts on them and that it was the reason why he easily manipulated them, like a puppet.
He would also lie to victims about his profession that ranged from being a freelance trainer, to being a tour guide, to even being a marriage counselor; in order to trick them into meeting him in person.

“He needs only a short time of three weeks to cheat a victim before he moves on to his next target. He managed to conn a grandmother he randomly met in a bus,” he said.

He met the unfortunate retiree on a bus in Penang, who opened up and confessed to him that she had some problems with securing a legal tender. He claimed he had some contacts that could help her and it eventually lead to him conning her; adding her to his long list of victims.

He also persuaded into having sexual intercourse with him by playing sympathetic before he made haste with RM12, 000 worth of her jewelry.

However, with the dedicated and meticulous investigation of the police, they managed to track the sexual predator and arrested him in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on the 26th of January 2015 before he was transferred over to the police in Subang 2 days later.

He was then charged the 10th of February in court for his crimes of passion.

Only two women have come forward and lodged reports against him so far, despite investigations having show that he had a track record of more than 200 women in Malaysia.

The police have urged victims of this sexual predator to come forward and help assist in the ongoing investigation. The police understands that the victims may still be traumatized by the ordeal but hope that the victims will show courage and lode a report. The more the number of victims are accounted for, the longer he will be staying behind bars.

For now, it’s a sad ending for this predatory Penangite, but a happy one for victims and woman all over Malaysia. Hopefully, this dangerously charming man stays behind bars. According to source, not unless he finds a non-existent loophole in the justice system, he won’t be seeing daylight for a very long, long time.

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