The Reason Why Anthony Loke Choose Nga Kor Ming & Not Yeo Bee Yin To Be Appointed Into Anwar Cabinet?


If you are wondering how in the world did Anwar appoint a DAP Minister that is part of the reason the Malays hate PH, or if you are wondering why stellar progressive and educated MPs like Yeo Bee Yin were sidelined……the answer is here.

Anwar did not have a free hand in choosing who he wants as Minister.

Unlike three previous administrations (Mahathir, Muhyiddin and Ismail), the appointment system Anwar applied was by way of accepting submissions by party or coalition heads.

Each party’s list would be submitted and decided by the party heads.
Mat Sabu decided who were going to be Amanah’s Ministers.
Zahid decided who were going to be UMNO Ministers.

Similarly, the four DAP Ministers (Anthony Loke, Nga Kor Ming, Sivakumar, Hannah Yeoh) picked by Anwar were actually decided by DAP Secretary General Anthony Loke.

Now why did DAP’s Anthony Loke submit Nga Kor Ming’s name?

This is best understood by contextualising and understanding DAP’s politics.

You see, warlordism isn’t a problem that is exclusive to parties like PKR with the most glaring example being the “Rafizi vs Azmin battle” in the past.

It is also a problem in parties like DAP, whereby there are the “chauvinist group”, the “pasar malam group” or the “Oxford Cambridge group”.

The chauvinist group would be the likes of Nga Kor Ming, the pasar malam group will be the likes of Ronnie Liu and the Oxford Cambridge group would be the likes of Tony Pua and Yeo Bee Yin.

Every group wants their people to be in power.

As Anthony Loke succeeded in becoming DAP Secretary General, he was seen as a compromise between the chauvinist group and the pasar malam group and the Oxford Cambridge group.

Back then, Tony Pua and Liew Chin Tong were seen to be too inclined to the Oxford Cambridge group. They could not be accepted by the chauvinist or pasar malam group.

Nga Kor Ming meanwhile, was seen to be too inclined to the chauvinist group. They could not be accepted by the Oxford Cambridge group.

So, Anthony Loke who was not too extreme and played his politics well became the successor to Lim Guan Eng as DAP’s Secretary General.

Now back to why Nga Kor Ming was picked, it is evidently because he represents a very strong undercurrent in DAP.

There is a pushback from the DAP chauvinists against the DAP progressives/moderates. There is boiling discontent from the chauvinist / totok Cinas / Chinese extremists.

They feel that the interests of the Chinese are no longer protected etc etc. They feel that DAP is giving in too much to be moderate.

So, they have made and pushed hard for their demands.

To see this even clearly, take note of Sivakumar who is the only Indian Minister in the Cabinet.

Sivakumar is an Indian warlord who is in the very same faction Nga Kor Ming is in. His rivalry against another Indian faction led by M Kulasegaran goes way back more than 10 years.

It’s all in Perak DAP’s playbook.

So why is the head of a DAP chauvinist group in the Cabinet?

Well, the shortest answer is because Anwar accepted Anthony Like’s list of recommendation. This Anthony Loke’s list of recommendation is based on how he wishes to survive as DAP’s Secretary General.

By the looks of it, as much as the PAS right wings are pulling society to a corner, there is an equal pull in the opposite direction led by the chauvinists in DAP.

The Cabinet list by DAP:

Anthony Loke (of course he will put his own name as Minister)
Nga Kor Ming (chauvinist group)
Sivakumar (chauvinist group)
Hannah Yeoh (token for the progressive and moderate group)

Source : Najib Razak Must Go

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