Anwar Pointed Out That “Wang Haram” From Gambling Revenue Have Been Used To Fund Muhyiddin , PN & PAS Campaign Elections

Shares of Malaysian lottery operators fell Monday after the country’s prime minister unveiled plans to cut special draws to eight times a year, from the current 22, beginning in 2023.

Magnum Bhd. shares closed 5.1% lower at 1.29 ringgit ($0.29) and Sports Toto Bhd. declined 4.2% to end at MYR1.60.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim in an afternoon press conference said the number of draws by lottery operators will be lowered because proceeds from their recent draws were “partly used to finance elections.” He didn’t elaborate.

Anwar said the move is part of his government’s push to carry out its duties transparently without heavily relying on what he described as “wang haram”, which literally means “forbidden money”.

Malaysia recently held national elections, with Mr. Anwar’s Pakatan Harapan coalition returning to power after it collapsed two years ago. Under the coalition’s previous tenure from 2018-2020, special draws were cut to as low as eight times a year.

Anwar, also MP for Tambun, suggested that gambling revenue might have been used to fund campaign elections but did not provide evidence. Instead, the prime minister said he would have to “check on that”.

Although he did not specify any party or politician in the allegation, it was believed to have been a reference to Muhyiddin’s PN coalition that included the PAS Islamist party.

“Certainly, the funds would have been used to finance elections (campaign) but need to check on that,” he said.

Source : Malay Mail

Source : Market Watch

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