Salute DAP And All Their MPs For Sacrificing For The Nation – Hannah Yeoh Wanted To Give Up Her Place, But Gobind Said “No, Let Me Give”!

Z almost single-handedly broke the Unity-Govt pact because on Wedensday “Somebody” rejected DSAI’s list because his name was never proposed by Zahid’s list!

Because no one wants him as he’s not Zahid’s boy & he’s not an MP, without any root in Umno. So he’s not one of the 30 MPs that Zahid, as Umno President holds..

There’s rumour after DSAI called Zahid on the matter, Zahid can’t put it in its quota of 5.

That’s probably the actual reason DAP was supportive & gave up 1 from it’s original list of 5.

Practically that’s MP Gorbind’s slot!

When comes to DAP, Hannah Yeoh wanted to give up her place, but big gentleman Gobind said “No, let me give”! 🙏

That’s why if you watch back the swearing in ceremony, Hannah Yeoh looked really really “Sad”!

Leaving DSAI had no choice. 🤦‍♂️

It also goes to the type of person he is. No shame and super selfish..

It was also good DSAI put him in MITI without touching MOF or MOE. I also believe he wanted to escape punishment once the 580 billion spending is revealed.

But you can see how masterful is the PM we voted for. He throw his body into the ring & prevented that leach to go back to MoF. Some said he’s eager to go back is he’s no sure he had covered all his money trails. Remember that Rm600b?

That why we support PH bcos we kno how sincere are the DAP & PKR politicians.

They truly do everything for our future good, but there’s a lot of “despairs” inside them tat they can’t tell the ppl!

If u remember why Anthony Loke said they want DSAI to be PM “tanpa syarat” really is their conviction!

BN praising DAP for that 🥰

Now Z has to cooperate once DSAI n Rafizi discovers the money trail.

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