Yana Najib Says Her Father Will Go Home If Judicial Review In 2023 Is A Success – Najib Will Be Released On 19 January 2023?

Yana said the judicial review for her father’s SRC case is slated to begin on January 19, 2023, and this time, all hands are on deck to make sure her father gets the justice he deserves.

“If Najib wins in January, he will be free to come back to us.”

In case you are not aware, a judicial review refers to a court action specifically designed to challenge “decisions, actions or omissions” of public bodies, according to Malaysian Public Law.

Yana made it clear that she wants a fair trial for her father, and in her post, she listed 6 ways in which the former Prime Minister was denied access to a fair trial.

Najib’s application to include 40 new and solid pieces of evidence was rejected, despite being related to the case.

Najib’s lawyer was denied a time extension and the case had to proceed when his lawyer had just taken over the case.

Najib’s lawyer was not allowed to pull away, which denied Najib access to defend himself in the Federal Court.

High Court judge who has no experience in a criminal case, and did not announce his “conflict of interest” as he had dealt with SRC & 1MDB in the past.

Tun Mahathir and Tommy Thomas rejected all recommendations from the Judicial Appointments Commission to appoint judges of their choice in 2018 and 2019, which violated the Judicial Appointments Commission Act 2009.

The written judgment of the Federal Court was leaked before the defense even took place.

The daughter of Najib Razak then reminded the people that the fight for her father is not over as they’re using the one last opportunity they have to fight for justice.

“We still have one last chance. So we hide the scars, stitch up our wounds and get back on our feet.”

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