Najib Razak : DAP Tony Pua Arrogance & Hypocrisy Will End Up Causing Anwar’s Government To Fall

Tony Pua’s arrogance and hypocrisy is legendary.

That is why he lost in his own DAP Selangor election despite him being the then Selangor DAP chief.

And then he lost again in DAP’s Central Elections Committee despite having had a high profile role as Guan Eng’s advisor and political secretary when his boss was Minister of Finance.

Many had also pointed out his role that led to the sudden slump in the popuarity and subsequent downfall of the previous PH government as well as the continuing rejection of DAP and PH by the Malays.

Even though he was strongly and so clearly rejected by his own party and rejected by the largest ethnic group, Tony still continues his arrogance and his hypocrisy.

Tony would attack Najib Razak but he will turn a blind eye to Guan Eng’s massive Penang Tunnel corruption.

Let’s test this.

We invite Guan Eng to confirm/deny the following facts that he has never once mentioned:

1. Najib Razak received RM642mil from Saudi Arabia sources including direct transfers from the Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Finance. He spent the majority of this money on CSR activities including flood aid for 4 consecutive years – not for his personal use.

2. The previous PH government which he was in had broken the Judicial Appointment Act 2009 by appointing their own list of superior judges. One of the first act of the new judges appointed was to replace the judge in Najib’s SRC case after the trial started with a judge who had no criminal court experience.

Later on, it was revealed that this new judge had failed to declare his conflict and offer to recuse himself.

3. Najib was convicted of AMLA in the SRC case – not for stealing the RM42 million where the judge said it was not his right to give the RM42 million to charity.

4. When she was BNM governor Zeti Aziz was asked by Najib to monitor his accounts for suspicious transactions. She failed to carry out her job. Later on, it was discovered that RM700 million of 1MDB money was transferred to bank accounts linked to her husband.

5. The so-called RM2.6 billion was substantially returned to the sender 4 months after it was received in Najib’s account.

6. A person who had intention to steal money would not put it into his bank account in his own name in his own country while as PM and would not ask the BNM Govenor and the bank to monitor.

They would rather collect bags of cash from clandestine hotel meetings as what his boss was accused of in the courts.

7. A key prosecution witness that had billion Ringgit dealings with his boss in the past mysteriously fell 17 floors to his death just a month before he was due to testify in court. Tony would pretend this incident never happened but would harp on Teoh Beng Hock’s death for over 10 years.

8. Tony had kept silent when his boss Mahathir then got rid of the Chief Justice and Court of Appeal president, broke the Judicial Appointment Commission acts 2009, appointed a politically-slanted Attorney General upon the recommendation of DAP, appointed a senior PKR leader as the head of the MACC, appointed his boss as Minister of Finance despite him still facing corruption charges in court and then subsequently dropped the charges against Guan Eng and a dozen PH leaders. Tony is a fake fighter for “rule of law” when he said nothing while these happened when he was in government.

Let us also point out that no senior MCA leader is facing corruption charges in court while his own boss which was also the most senior DAP leader is – and yet Tony had the gall to laugh at MCA when it comes to corruption?

Can Tony tell us that we are wrong?

If Tony keeps up his arrogance and hypocrisy, it will not be a surprise that may end up causing Anwar’s government to fall too.

Source : Najib Razak Facebook

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