New, Amateur Ministers Must Not Hamper Our Progress

Please hire a capable and competent team…

The first 100 days in office for the 10th Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, is just around the corner. As a long-serving member of one of the parties supporting his premiership, I woke up this morning filled with hopes and dreams of a complete reform to the current structure of our nation’s education system, replete with its fiscal sustainability as well as its depleted infrastructure that has deprived many of our future generations a chance to be the best versions of themselves.

PN’s short stint as well as the PH Government’s 22 months of tenure wasn’t necessarily brought down by excessive political manoeuvrings but rather the lack of vision, drive and ambitions to take necessary actions to reform the country for the better. Perhaps this was the driving factor behind the implementation of TN50 and the GTP/ETP, spearheaded by the 6th Prime Minister, to rally the nation to action with the necessary roadmap for Malaysia the escape the middle-income trap.

However, today I was taken aback with news that the newly minted Communications Minister is now question the legitimacy of the 5G coverage report; publicly and with much candour. Apart from the unprofessional comments made, the widely reported media coverage has dampen the market’s confidence on the validity of the 5G-rollout in Malaysia, which is already “playing catch up” to our other ASEAN peers.

It is widely known to the public that the Puteri UMNO Chief of Kuantan is always passionate about lifelong education and equitable access for our future generation. I personally agree that access to quality, high speed internet is a prerequisite towards achieving this goal – and would highly commend the past Prime Ministers and their governments for enabling our 5G development to not be determined solely by market forces (unlike the lacklustre 4G coverage that wasn’t equal, unacceptable and expensive). The roll-out of 5G by Digital Nasional Berhad has actually enabled ministries like the Communications and Finance Ministries to regulate and take control over the future of 5G in Malaysia – giving equal access to all areas for within Semenanjung and Sabah Sarawak to enjoy the future that it may behold, without giving way to the bottomline of greedy telco companies.

What’s saddening is instead of improving and continuing the good work, we are left with a minister, an amateur one, who enjoys taking a swipe at his own government’s initiative for the sake of publicity. The minister may not realise that DNB’s success needs support and funding from the public as well as private markets. Therefore, any bad reputation deriving from public feud with a minister will not help its cause in raising necessary capital to finance its venture and to reduce dependency on public funds. What makes it worse is an equally amateur line up of advisors and special officers, unexperienced with little national interests at their hand – just may be the minister’s biggest gaffe in 2023.

My advice from us who actually care about Malaysia’s future and its Rakyat’s interests to those running the country:

Please hire a capable and competent team, that actually cares about the country and its people. Just because their loyal, doesn’t mean that they are capable.

Happy New Year to all.

Wawa, Ketua Puteri UMNO Kuantan

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