Grandfather of DAP Anthony Loke Was Creator Of Yee Sang Dish – Had Created Over 30 Yee Sang Recipes

The origins of the “lou sang” culture

“But the most viable claim is probably by Loke Ching Kee (the grandfather of Rasah member of parliament Anthony Loke). Loke had already been serving platters of yee sang to Seremban folks during Chinese New Year way back in the 1940’s. The whole street in front of his shop would be filled with tables and the locals would have a giant lou yee sang party. Loke’s grand daughter remembers that he had created over 30 yee sang recipes in his time!”

When he was 10, former Malaysian transport minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook worked at his father’s Chinese restaurant with his elder siblings after school and during the weekends.

His family spent most of their time at the Hong Seng restaurant in Seremban city, Negeri Sembilan state, where they cooked, served food or prepared meals for the next day.

“I served food to the customers, took orders and washed dishes after school hours and during weekends,” Anthony said. The eatery opened at 8am for breakfast and closed at 11pm after serving supper to the crowds from the cinema next door.

Yee sang, also known as lou sang, is a must during the Chinese New Year festive season.

The dish originated from China and was brought here by immigrants during the colonial era.

However, the tradition is mainly practised by the Chinese in Malaysia and Singapore.

But did you know that the yee sang we know today is closely linked to the family of Transport Minister and DAP secretary-general Anthony Loke?

According to SCMP, Loke worked with his elder siblings at his father’s Chinese restaurant, Hong Seng.

The Seremban MP was only ten at that time.

Loke himself had shared his family’s story on social media some years ago.

A Dish Destined For Many

The restaurant in Seremban sold yee sang, a festive dish Loke said was popularised by his Chinese grandfather, Loke Ching Fatt.

Ching Fatt came to Malaya and settled down in Seremban in the 1920s.

He originally named it Sup Kum Yee Sang (十感鱼生, or “Ten Senses Yee Sang”) as the dish is colourful with many aromas and flavours.

Customers loved the dish, and soon it became famous thanks to word of mouth and the rest, as they say, is history.

Source : The Rakyat Post

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