6 Reasons Why Noor Hisham Should Resign As Malaysia Health DG : Over 15,000 Doctors Plan To Strike Nationwide

If he was regarded as a hero for covid cases being low before then shouldnt he also be held responsible for the failure now?

1.0 Over 15,000 Contract Doctors Plan To Strike Nationwide

More than 15,000 contract doctors will wage a nationwide strike for a single day next month to protest against the government’s contract scheme for junior doctors, organisers claimed.

Junior doctors or doctors in training — who form the bulk of the country’s Covid-19 health work force — are planning a day-long walkout on July 26 outside their respective public health care facilities in each state, according to a member of the independent group organising the strike, who spoke to CodeBlue on condition of anonymity.

About 60 to 70 per cent of 23,077 contract medical officers in Malaysia have shown interest in joining the strike, the group’s internal data showed.

The junior doctors have also expressed support for the group’s memorandum that will be sent to the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the Malaysian Medical Council (MMC) on Wednesday (June 30).

When asked if the 24-hour work stoppage will affect emergency care patients, including those with Covid-19, the spokesperson said the group does not want their patients to be affected.

“We don’t want to cripple our health care system. We love our jobs, we genuinely love our patients. We don’t want to hurt anyone in this process, but we want those who are responsible to do something,” he said.

2.0 Controversial Politics & Abuse Of Power

Let us not forget Noor Hisham’s history of controversial political tweets and posts

In 2018, Noor Hisham was criticised for his politically-inclined retweets, which were viewed as pro-Barisan Nasional (BN), the then-ruling coalition, during the 2018 general election campaign.

His retweet was a message by former Prime Minister Najib Razak’s original tweet that showed a photo announcing the groundbreaking ceremony of the Hospital Kajang women and children’s complex, in which it contained a verse of his hopes for BN’s return to the state power of Selangor.

Prior to that, he had also retweeted another message from Najib that showed a picture of Najib on a visit to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital with mothers and their new babies, in which Noor Hisham also said that BN would implement more for mothers and children if it continues to be given the mandate.

Noor Farida Ariffin, a spokesperson for G25 (a group of eminent ex-civil servants of Malaysia), said that Noor Hisham was abusing his position, as public servants were not supposed to campaign for any political party. A founding member of G25 and former Treasury secretary-general, Mohd Sheriff Kassim said that the Ministry of Health should lodge a complaint against Noor Hisham to the Election Commission (EC).

The electoral reform group, Bersih 2.0, also criticised Noor Hisham by saying that he was in breach of public service regulations. He was named in Bersih’s ‘Hall Of Shame’ together with Najib. Bersih also said that they were appalled that the Ministry of Health allows its Facebook page to promote Barisan Nasional’s manifesto during GE14 campaign.

3.0 Private Doctor Tells Noor Hisham And Team To Leave Their ‘Ivory Towers’, Says MoH Failed Frontliners

A private hospital doctor has accused health authorities in the country of failing to protect medical frontliners battling Covid-19 following reports that some 30 healthcare workers caught the disease in the line of duty.

Dr Musa Nordin from the KPJ Damansara Specialist Centre also urged health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah and his team to go to the ground and visit the affected hospitals.

He claimed that medical staff were ill-equipped with the necessary protection including personal protective equipment (PPE).

“The DG and his top officers in the ivory towers of Putrajaya must descend to ground zero, the Covid hospitals/Pusat Kesihatan Daerah/Klinik Kesihatan and see and feel the pain and misery of doctors/nurses/allied health professionals bereft of basic PPE to shoulder the nursing of critical patients in ICU and ramp-up screening with 17,000 tests/day,” Musa said in one of several messages he shared.

Yesterday, Noor Hisham in his daily Covid-19 situation briefing said 150 healthcare staff were among the close to 4,000 nationwide who had contracted the virus.

He said 30 got infected in the line of duty, including while treating patients in the ICU.

Musa accused the health ministry of not doing enough to protect its staff, saying bureaucracy had hindered the distribution of PPE safety suits.

“Are you waiting for a doctor or nurse or our allied health professionals to die from Covid-19 before you are jolted into action?

“These scenes don’t augur well at all for KKM (MoH),” he said, adding that his team had carried out a “meticulous needs assessment” at 34 government hospitals treating Covid-19 patients.

He also said the ministry was “failing their frontliners”.

“To me, this is a sin of omission and commission. I will not mince my words! Our first vow in our noble oath of medicine is ‘Primum Non Nocere’, First Do No Harm,” said Musa.

He also said he and his team had distributed 6,000 PPEs to ICUs, with another 20,000 sets to come.

“When is the government distributing the PPEs they bought from China?” he asked.

4.0 Lack of Planning Despite Funding

Despite allocations of over RM 600m earlier and more recently RM 1b under permakasa, DG Hisham has failed to plan or even explain his plan. Note that many of us are stuck in lockdown and this is carried out by the Government based on his advisory. What is the strategy to lower cases. We have been in an enhanced lockdown yet cases have been increasing and are sporadic. Does he feel that his plan is working?

The usage of beds by Covid-19 patients in the ICUs of government hospitals nationwide increased from 96% on May 24 to 104% on June 6.

Noor Hisham said the usage of more than 100% of ICU beds was a worrying situation as not all patients in need of critical care could be placed in the ICU. However he has not taken any steps to find solutions to this despite being funded. The job of the DG is not to just say he is worried but to actually spend the money he has been granted to provide more capacity in the form of beds in the ICU.

Hospitals nationwide also faced an increase in categories four and five patients requiring oxygen and breathing assistance, especially among the vulnerable groups such as senior citizens and those with comorbidities. Once again our DG has failed us.

Patients need a longer time to recover due to serious health complications caused by Covid-19.

Statistics from the National Crisis Preparedness and Response Centre show that the average treatment period for category four patients is between 14 and 16 days while that of category five patients is 19 to 26 days.

“The spread of Covid-19 and the capacity of hospitals (especially ICUs) to handle Covid-19 cases are at critical levels and can continue to increase if we become complacent even for a day.

This situation cannot be taken lightly, especially if there are parties spreading inaccurate interpretations of the current situation

From May 30 to June 5, the number of active cases increased following a surge during the 20th and 21st epidemiology weeks.

“There were 57,022 active cases at the beginning of the 21st epidemiology week and, at the start of the 22nd epidemiology week, it rose to 78,017 cases, which is an increase of 20,995 cases or 37%,” he said, adding that as of yesterday, a total of 82,797 active cases were still undergoing treatment and observation.

5.0 Malaysia Is Among The Worst Hit In South East Asia

Over 40% of all deaths reported in the country occurred in the month of May alone.

Malaysia is among the worst hit. Of almost 2,800 deaths from Covid-19 recorded in the country of 32 million since the start of the pandemic, over 40 percent were in May alone.

More than 570,000 infections have been reported, with a string of new daily records last week.

As well as variants, the outbreak has been fanned by gatherings in the Muslim-majority country during the holy month of Ramadan and the Eid al-Fitr holiday, often in defiance of coronavirus rules.

Under what authorities have termed a “total lockdown” in force from Tuesday, only essential businesses — such as supermarkets and medical clinics — can operate, people can only go outside for necessities, and most schools are closed.

Travel between most parts of the country had already been banned for months.

While there had been growing calls for tougher action, the lockdown will deal a fresh blow to many businesses that have struggled to stay afloat over the past year.

“The impact of the coronavirus on small businesses like mine is devastating,” said Lilian Chua, whose hair salon outside the capital Kuala Lumpur will have to close.

“The government imposes a lockdown but the virus is in the air — they need to speed up vaccinations,” the 42-year-old said.

6.0 The advisory and policy decisions are not working

The sad reality is that the current policies do not work and they are made on the advisory of the DG Noor Hisham. Do not forget that each policy that is put into place is upon the advisory and knowledge of the DG. The enhanced lockdown has not proven to be effective.

To give you an example whilst we have been in an enhanced lockdown for over a week now we have actually instead seen an increase in deaths and an increase in covid 19 cases.

What is the long term strategy to control the cases and reduce the deaths? Meanwhile businesses are struggling to stay afloat with many closing down for good and many have raised white flags after losing their jobs or being not allowed to work. Many are struggling to feed themselves and some have even resorted to suicide. Over 1600 people have committed suicide this year.

We do not need to see your crocodile tears and concern about the lack of ICU beds when you have an allocation over RM 1billion.

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