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7 Simple Things You Can Do To Extend Your Dog’s Life

We all wish our dog could live forever. However, until we discover the Fountain of Youth, this remains an elusive dream.

BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t help our dogs live long, fulfilling lives. In the spirit of longevity, here are 7 things you can do to make your dog live longer.

#1. See your vet regularly

Regular checkups with your vet is a must. Seeing your vet can help detect diseases and health problems early on, while they can still be treated. Every adult dog should see their vet at least once a year. Puppies need more care in their first year of growth and should see their vet two to four times per year or on the schedule that works with their vaccinations. The same goes for adult dogs too in regards of keeping up to date with their vaccinations, that can save lives.

#2. Get nutritionally complete dog food

One way to extend your pet’s life is to make an effort to keep them at a healthy weight at all times. It’s important to find a manufacturer that produces high quality and nutritionally complete dog food that will improve and help your dog live a long and healthy life don’t feed your dog a lot of fatty human food and make sure he gets the right amount of appropriate food. Healthy treats are okay, just don’t overdo it. Overweight dogs are not healthy dogs.

#3.  Give Your Dog regular exercise

Dogs need exercise and a combination of walks, play and exploring is a must to keep them active and fit in body, mind and spirit.

Walks: Most dogs need at least an hour of exercise everyday to keep them at a healthy weight and improve their health. ‘

Play: All work and no play can make a grumpy dog.  Make sure your dog gets to play with other dogs, it helps them maintain a healthy weight.

Explore: Dogs are just like you, and doing the same old walk around the block day in and day out becomes dull and uninspiring. Let them run and explore for a while, or as the saying goes, let them sniff the roses.

#4. Train Your Dog

Training your dog will improve their life and yours! It helps to enhance the bond between you and also ensures their safety. Good communication and training techniques helps your dog understand how you’d like them to behave and why it’s in their best interest to learn commands such as sit, stay, heel, and here. When your dog applies himself to processing information through training or any activity that requires him to think, he become a more confidant pet.

#5. Make sure your dog has a comfortable place to sleep

Some people are shocked by how much a dog sleeps.  However an active dog uses a lot of energy keeping up with you, life, and all the things they experience throughout the day. You might even have a dog that sleeps almost anywhere, including the floor, however this should not be the place he settles in for a relaxing rest. Be it a crate, dog bed or princess sleeping castle, a bed that’s just for your dog  is a place where he feels content and gives him a place he can retreat to when he needs time by himself. Sleeping on a floor or hard surface can be damaging to a dog’s health. 

#6. Spay/Neuter your dog

We all know that spaying or neutering your dog will  help them to live a longer and healthier life. But did you know that it also helps to prevent uterine infections and breast cancer in bitches, which is fatal in about 50 percent of dogs. Neutering your male dog prevents testicular cancer, especially if done before six months of age. Your male pooch won’t want to roam away from home and risk getting injured.

#7. Love and Bond With Your Dog

The loving bond between you and your pet must be the most rewarding gift of all. Strengthen this bond by simply spending time together. As with any relationship it’s about being with one another and sharing experiences, so time spent together strengthens it. Play with your dog and interact with him. Try to learn more about your dog’s behavior, study his body language and facial expressions that can indicate contentment or stress.


We all want our dogs to be with us for as long as possible. These 7 easy tips that you can do to make your dog live a longer healthier life are common sense basics, by means the world to your pooch.

Dogs do know the difference when it comes to being cared for, and will reward you with love and devotion throughout their life. They’re counting on you!

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