70cm Of Man's Small Intestine Surgically Removed After He Ate Overnight Watermelon From The Fridge - The Coverage

70cm Of Man’s Small Intestine Surgically Removed After He Ate Overnight Watermelon From The Fridge

More often than not, we store our food and fruits in the fridge when we can’t finish them thinking it would be alright to eat later on, but storing it properly should be your number one priority as it causes bacteria to build up and make you sick!

Two weeks ago, a 70-year-old man in Xiangxiang city, Hunan, China had to undergo surgery to remove parts of his small intestine after eating some watermelon that he had placed in the fridge overnight.

The man, known as Zhang, said he had eaten the watermelon in the fridge on the evening of Wednesday, July 25. Two hours after he finished eating the watermelon, he started to experience excruciating stomach pain and the next morning, he couldn’t bear it anymore and went to the hospital.

Zhang was referred to Changsha General Hospital for further treatment.

After examining the man, doctors suspected that his intestines had an obstruction or had already necrotized!

They performed a laparotomy on him to diagnose his condition and discovered that he had developed necrotizing enterocolitis which is a medical condition where part of the bowel dies.

An operation was performed on Zhang and found that about 70 cm of his small intestine was congested and had necrotized. They did a surgical resection to remove the damaged parts and thankfully, Zhang is now recovering from the operation.

The doctor went on to say that many people think that placing food in the fridge will prevent it from getting spoiled but that is not true.

Apparently, the method of storing comes into play to prevent bacteria from growing, this is important guys, keep in mind!

It turns out that Zhang had stored his watermelon by using some cling film to wrap it but this was not enough to keep it safe and it might have gotten contaminated before that.

Remember to store your food properly, be safe guys!

(Source: WOB)

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