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80 “Mat Rempits” Beat A 25-year-old To A Pulp


13 November- A 25-year-old man from Kedah was beaten to a pulp by a group of 70-80 ‘mat rempits’ after he allegedly got into an accident with one of them on the highway.

The 25-year-old man accidentally ran into the back of a ‘mat rempit’ on the highway some time around 1am when he wasn’t paying attention on the road. Like most Malaysians would, he did what the Malaysian stereotype advised you to do; to drive to the nearest police station instead of checking on the ‘mat rempit’ as you would most probably get beat up by their clique.

However, a group of ‘mat rempits’ who witnessed the collision between the 25-year old man and one of their comrades, they chased the man, following him to a nearby police booth. However, the police booth was dark and was presumed to be closed or empty. So, who became blunt on ideas drove home in a desperate attempt to hide in his house from the ‘mat rempits’.

On the way home, while the ‘mat rempits’ were still hot on his trail, he called his wife and his father-in-law who were in the house at that time and explained the situation to them. The father-in-law contacted local police to alert them.

When he reached home, he ran out of his car but couldn’t make it to the gate in time and the ‘mat rempits’ managed to grab him.

They then threw him on the ground and started to beat him up with their helmets as well as dent and attack his car.


Fortunately, the police arrived about 2 minutes later, saving the man.

However, despite the presence of the police, the group of 80+ enraged ‘mat rempits’ assaulted the man even further. It took a while to finally break up the fight.

The man was quickly rushed to the hospital where he was treated for a broken nose, mild concussion and a broken collar bone as well as a black eye which had to be punctured in order for the swelling to diffuse.

Set aside the entire stereotype against ‘mat rempits’ and tell us who you think is in the wrong. The ‘mat rempits’ for beating the man up or the 25-year-old man who technically committed a hit and run.

To be frank, you would be pretty pissed if someone knocked your friend and left the scene without taking responsibility. I myself, would not respond any less angrily than the ‘mat rempits’ did.

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