9-Year-Old Lied About Being Kidnapped Set Police On A Wild Goose Chase!! - The Coverage

9-Year-Old Lied About Being Kidnapped Set Police On A Wild Goose Chase!!

Children need to be educated since young to never resort to lying because it is not a solution to any problems! Being honest and telling the truth is the best way to face problems bothering you and you won’t get severely punished!

A 9-year-old boy thought it would be a great idea to tell his mother that he was kidnapped when he was caught stealing money by the mosque officials. He sent police forces out on a wild goose chase in search for the kidnapper!

The child from Wakaf Mempelan, Kuala Terengganu said he was kidnapped outside his school when a man dragged him into a red colored van at about 2.10 pm on April 5, 2017, according to Lobak Merah.

Source: Lobak Merah

The child claims that there were two other girls in the van along with him, he also said that there was another man driving the van, and he saw a parang and knife in the van.

He said he managed to ‘escape’ and ran off to a nearby shop and informed his mother of what happened. Of course, a concerned mother would immediately report the incident to the police and the authorities were sent out to investigate this matter.

Social media caught the wind and the case went viral as many netizens were worried and shared the news in hopes of finding the kidnappers.

Source: Lobak Merah

Soon after the police were able to find out that there was no such kidnapping that took place, it was all an epic lie from the little boy. He told a lie because he was afraid the mosque officials will contact and report to his mother, he instantly created a kidnapping story to cover himself up.

Source: Lobak Merah

His mother had to return to the police station to make another police report when he admitted the truth.

Boy, I hope you learned your lesson this time, you put everyone through such a big trouble!

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