[ABSURD] 19-Year-Old Son Forces Mother To Have Sex Because He Was Attracted To Her Young Looks - The Coverage

[ABSURD] 19-Year-Old Son Forces Mother To Have Sex Because He Was Attracted To Her Young Looks

I truly believe that the world has turned upside down. (metaphorically, of course)

Parents are meant to be respected not to be turned into some weird fetish. Likewise, children are meant to be treasured not used as ‘sex toys’.

Just recently, it was reported that a 19-year-old Taiwanese boy forced his mother, 40, to have sex with him.

According to multiple Chinese new sources, the boy, Jiang, was forced to live in an orphanage since he was a toddler due to his parent’s divorce. It was noted that he had lived there till he was 16 and was capable of being independent. His long lost mother only managed to get a hold of him at that time.

It also seems that his mother was incapable of living on her own and hence why she needed her son to live in with her to help support her daily expenses. Pretty much at this point, it’s a win-win situation, as the mother gets support while Jiang doesn’t have to stay in the orphanage any longer.

Despite their past, the boy gladly stopped schooling once he graduated from high school and immediately jumped into the working line to help support both of them.

Probably when he turned 18, his hormones kicked in and decided to go bonkers on him as he was reportedly “tempted by the sight of his mother.”

Sickening? Absolutely sickening of course. And the reason why he gets turned on by his mother is that despite being in her 40s, she apparently looks like she is still in her twenties.

It also seems like he had forced her to have sexual relations with him for a number of times and only when she couldn’t take it anymore, she decided to lodge a police report.

He basically had her by the hook as he would threaten of cutting off her monetary support if she refused the offer.

Knowing that his mother made the report, Jiang made a run for it but was eventually caught. And guess what he said to the officers when he got cuffed?

“It’s my mother who seduced me! She’s always dressed seductively at home and I couldn’t help myself!”

No one knows what exactly has been going on with these two. But IMO for one, you shouldn’t have even dumped him in the orphanage and only find him back when you needed the money to survive. Two, even if he did force you the first time, you are his mother you have every right to beat the nonsense out of his head.

Oh, well…bizarre much! Let’s just hope that the police will get to solve this case.


Source: WOB

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