After Being Questioned "When Are You Getting Married" Man Choked Neighbor To Death – You Should Now Start To Think Twice Before Asking Anybody This Question

“do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend already?”, and an advance question to that would be “when are you planning to get married?”. If you have already reached mid-twenties, they’ll start changing their questions to either “why you still don’t have boyfriend/girlfriend? Why you so picky?” or “you have no luck in love is it?”. These questions are really annoying, but like it or not, in every festive season we will be questioned by our relatives. Imagine getting asked the same question by your neighbor (who is not even your family member) countless of times! 28-year-old Alias Nunur apparently killed his neighbor, Iis Aisyah, 32, in her house in Kampung Pasir Jonge, Sukawangi Village, Singajaya, Garut, West Java at around 8 pm, on January 19, 2018. Astro Awani and Sinar Harian reported that the 28-year-old man named Faiz Nurdin was sitting in his living room when his 32-year-old pregnant neighbour Aisyah came and talk to him. Aisyah then asked Faiz a question that reportedly triggered him to the extent of committing murder “The suspect revealed that the woman asked, ‘Quickly get married! Why aren’t you married yet?’ Those words affected him emotionally,” a spokesperson for the Garut police force said. Clearly, he was not only affected emotionally. Faiz felt insulted and took the question to heart. According to Police Commissioner Budi Satria Wiguna, prior to the incident, the victim allegedly saw Nunur standing outside his home and spoke out to him advising him to quickly get married. He said the victim, who was pregnant at the time questioned him:

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“Quickly get married, other people already have two to three children, why are you so unlucky.”
The question allegedly agitated the accused and he nonchalantly requests to visit his neighbor’s home which he was warmly welcomed as the victim did not suspect the accused of have malicious intent. Source: Mulut Puaka When the victim headed into her room, the accused followed her from behind and pushed the pregnant lady on the bed. Aisyah fought for her life and bit the accused’s fingers until it bled, but to no avail. She wasn’t able to free herself before the accused strangled her to death. Source: Mulut Puaka Nunur took the victim’s mobile phone and cash amounting to 800,000 rupees (RM230) before fleeing to Jakarta where the authorities managed to detect and arrest him on January 29. Source: Siakap Keli We’re deeply saddened by the death of Aisyah and we would like to extend our deepest condolences to her family and friends. May her soul rest in peace. What are your thoughts on this? (Source: Siakap Keli)

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