Ahmad Maslan : DAP Are Agents of Christianisation , Disrespecting The Royal Institution & Malay Language – Threat of “Malays Losing Power”

Malays will lose their rights and power should Pakatan win more federal seats in the next general election, an Umno leader said today.

Datuk Ahmad Maslan said that the worst-case scenario in the future for Malays would be a “hung parliament” situation like in Australia, where Barisan Nasional would be unable to carry out policy agendas due to the lack of a simple majority.

“The Malay language will be lost, say goodbye to the Malay Sultans, the opposition DAP do not even respect the royal institution … they have never accepted royal titles even though they have been offered them,” he said here.

Speaking at a forum titled “Agenda Melayu pasca pilihan raya”, Ahmad Maslan trained his sights on the DAP, accusing the opposition party of disrespecting the royal institution, as well as the national language.

“Say goodbye to Islam, because they (DAP) are agents of Christianisation … in talking about the Malay agenda we cannot run away from this,” said Ahmad.

Stressing that the threat of “Malays losing power” was very real, Ahmad claimed that the Chinese community was slowly gaining control of the country’s politics and economy.

This, he said, was because the Chinese were currently leading in voter registration.

“Chinese youths above the age of 21 are already registered voters. What about Malays? Some are 31 and they have yet to register.

“We no longer hold power. Look at Selangor, who are the state excos? Ronnie Liu, Xavier, Elizabeth, Teresa Kok, this is the DAP agenda, Christianisation,” he said.

Ahmad said Malays needed to plan “10 steps” ahead if they want to remain dominant.

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Source : Steadyaku

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