Air Asia Takes Down Controversial Ad That Was Said To Be Sexist

Oh man, are you indirectly saying that women are cheap? Hmm.  Image result for airasia 99 ad Source: Malay Mail Online In response to the incident that sparked many negative response towards it, AirAsia had to remove the post. The spokesperson of AirAsia told A+M that the team was aware of the “feedback received towards an advertisement posted on its Facebook page” and has confirmed that they have already removed it “upon thorough review”. AirAsia also apologized for “the inconvenience caused by the advertisement.” Well, we think it could have been a marketing strategy in a way to grab the attention of many. Don’t you think?    Many people in the industry has spoked about it and has deemed their ad to be a “clickbait”as many consumers are not easily baited into buying anymore due to the bad economy probably. As such they said that these “distasteful sexually insinuating ads” aren’t benefiting for a well-known brand such as AirAsia. An ECD spoked to the Marketing source under anonymity saying that given how AirAsia has already effective ads to build on their business and democratize travel, this was unnecessary. He also claimed that this would be a stain that they cannot remove, and big brands has already had “their fair share of mistakes from time to time”. He also said that in today’s day and age, sexism is definitely a no-no and there is already a growing awareness on it. Brands will need to avoid running these sexual ads which could create controversy and of course a bad impression of the brand too, right?  Ensemble’s ECD, Chan Woei Hern spoke too, about the airline’s wise decision to delete the post quickly after receiving negative comments from netizens. He said, “AirAsia removed the offensive post, and reacted quickly by apologising to the press which was a good move.” He also added that it would be great if the brand could roll with the punches and come up with a humorous apology. This would help with the controversy but could also be an immense pressure, KPI intense and the timing would be tight for the social team as well. So what do you think people, do you accept this as a fun and creative ad or a sexist ad? Share your thoughts!      

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