American Youtuber Publicly Pranked His Girlfriend With Vibrating Panties In Walmart

A WOMAN has been filmed visiting her local supermarket while wearing a pair of vibrating knickers – that her prankster boyfriend has the switch to.

Shya, who runs YouTube channel ShyaCVT, has previously gone viral for playing savage pranks on his girlfriend Yiran to drive traffic.

His latest clip shows Yiran shopping in Walmart in the US wearing a pair of white shorts and a red top.

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But underneath she has her vibrating undies on while her boyfriend has the switch.

It is unclear why she didn’t have the sense to not wear the naughty underwear out in public.

As Yiran “innocently” walks between the aisles, her cheeky lover repeatedly turns the pants on.

His girlfriend is visibly bothered by the sensation and desperately tries to act normal.

But, things get even more awkward for the lass when she decides to chat to a shop assistant.

Predictably, Shya doesn’t hold back and decides to press the button at the critical moment as she tries her best to hide what’s really going on.

The shop assistant appears to be oblivious to the act.

So far, more than 171,000 people have watched the clip.

One viewer commented: “Omg! dude that’s just savage! I feel bad for Yiran. Good luck Yiran.”

Source : Mirror

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