Anwar Betrayed Amanah & Mat Sabu For Mastermiding Fakhrulrazi Crossover To PKR

Parti Amanah Negara (Amanah) today confirmed receiving information that its Meru assemblyman in Selangor, Mohd Fakhrulrazi Mohd Mokhtar has applied to join PKR.

Amanah communications director, Khalid Abd Samad said the party was informed that the assemblyman had applied and joined PKR.

“By joining another party, he immediately loses his membership and as such, all his party posts,” said Khalid when contacted by Bernama.

It was earlier reported that Mohd Fakhrulrazi had decided to quit Amanah to join PKR.

I have a question for aspiring prime minister Anwar Ibrahim and PKR: Is the Meru assemblyman, Mohd Fakhrulrazi Mohd Mokhtar, who crossed over to PKR, subject to a penalty from Amanah in your opinion?

Amanah may not have asked Fakhrulrazi to sign a letter stating that should he leave the party after having won his seat on the Amanah ticket he would have to cough up RM10 million for doing so. If that is the case, what type of punishment would you suggest?

After all, this is a betrayal of the rakyat’s trust, isn’t it? Like you said when some of your PKR elected representatives abandoned PKR and crossed over to the Periktan Nasional government, this is a form of political corruption, is unethical and against democratic principles. Remember?

You are suing Zuraida Kamaruddin who you sacked from PKR for RM10 million for joining PPBM. Zuraida has asked you “to bring it on”. You are also suing a few others for ditching PKR and becoming part of the PN government. You have condemned these leaders and put them to the sword. Will you now condemn Fakhrulrazi and put him to the sword, too?

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But, of course, you are likely to say that this is not an issue because you are all staying in “the same house under one roof”. Only thing is Fakhrulrazi has moved to a “different room”, unlike Azmin and Zuraida, who have moved to a different “house”.

Not necessarily a better house but a new one all the same. Therefore, it is different. Seen in that context, you might think it is clearly not an issue. But that would be only to your convenience.

I beg to differ because the principle remains the same. You have betrayed the trust of the people who put you there. You have made fools of Mohamad Sabu (Mat Sabu) and Amanah. You have made fools of the voters who voted for you. You have made a fool of the mission of Amanah and those who wanted change.

As for Fakhrulrazi, why now? You have been with Amanah for more than two years! Perhaps the possibility of Anwar becoming the ninth PM has inspired this move? You, and only you know why.

As far as we voters go, this is another sellout. The supporters of PH and the die-hard supporters of PKR are always harping on the need to punish “frogs” that betrayed the trust of the people come GE15.

Will you now encourage your supporters to punish Fakhrulrazi, too ? Or does a different set of rules apply in his case? If it does, then you shouldn’t be calling yourself “Parti Keadilan”. Because this smack of injustice.

As a political leader aspiring to be our next PM, you should do the right thing for your comrade in arms and fellow PH council member Mat Sabu by rejecting the membership of Fakhrulrazi.

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You should be telling Fakhrulrazi that he cannot and he must not do this in the name of integrity, good morals and principles. You have instead slapped the face of Mat Sabu and Amanah.

Whatever you have to say, whatever arguments you put forward or how you project yourself and what you stand for amounts to nothing. It is just so hollow. So very empty. Here was your big chance to start something new for this country by rejecting Fakhrulrazi.

In doing so, you would have set an example that you hold fast to the belief that justice must prevail. That would be a great way to show leadership by example and it could possibly have set the future tone of how to deal with party hoppers. As it is, with no anti-hopping law in place, the practice of party hopping is set to continue come GE 15.

The true measure of a man is not found in his words but in his actions. You, sir, have failed to live up to your words. That is why when you cry wolf, your cries fall on deaf ears.

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